You’ve got to be kidding me…

Okay so first a bit of a rant. Today was our appt with Dr.B about pursuing another IVF cycle in the fall. We left the meeting feeling pretty good although a bit shell shocked by the price even though it was what we expected. We have some options and we have some things we can do this summer to be better prepared for an IVF cycle. We used one of our Christmas gifts to treat ourselves to lunch at Red Lobster – yummo – esp since it was only $5 out of our pockets. Over lunch we brainstormed ways to get the money for the IVF – our best option will be something called the Attain IVF program a lot like the Shared Risk program we did for our first round. The cost is $16,000 and that covers two live transfers and two frozen transfers. There is no money back guarantee with this program but b/c of how well we did the first cycle Dr B feels fairly confident that we will have some success again. We’re going to do some research as far as financing, but we have some plans for saving money including investigating doing some selling on ebay (inspired by some of you)

Anyways after lunch and a quick stop at Meijer’s we came home and shared with my mom everything we had learned today. She as usual was pretty supportive – she drove two hours to watch WeeMan last night so we could go today – she’s beyond supportive – sometimes I forget how blessed I’ve been by my family. Of course Steve also called his parents to share with them what we had learned (Whenever he talks to his family about these things or adoption I am reminded how blessed I am) His mom said to him, “Well maybe you were only meant to have one child” Hmmmm considering we did ivf to have WeeMan makes you wonder if she thinks we were even meant to have him. Okay I shouldn’t be surprised I mean this is the woman who is famous for such lines as “There’s lots of white babies that need homes, if you adopt you should get a white baby.” and the frequent “If Becky would just relax you guys would get pregnant” Yet everytime she comes up with a new one – I am surprised. Surprised because most people might think those things but have the tact not to say them. My mom says it’s because their from a different generation….I’m wondering if it was a tactless generation.

Anyways on to other news. WeeMan seems to be feeling much better today. He refused to nap and threw quite a fit when I took him up to bed. Apparently he thinks he got enough rest yesterday. Since mom was here this afternoon I was able to be very domestic. I found an easier recipe for bread and the loaves look and smell terrific this time. (Hopefully they taste as good as they look) This recipe made three so I sent one home with mom as payment for watching WeeMan. I also made strawberry shortcake (mmmmmm) and I took a page from Lemonade Makin’ Mama and whipped up some laundry soap. It was easy – hubby even grated half the Ivory for me. Can’t wait to see how it works! So in spite of irritating comments from in laws or maybe because of I had a pretty good and very productive day for a Monday!


3 thoughts on “You’ve got to be kidding me…

  1. That's horrible…$16,000! I had no idea it cost that much. No wonder you made your own laundry soap. Better get to gratin';) I read her post yesterday too and I'm seriously thinking of trying it too. Not only saves money, but it kind of sounds like fun:)

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