Summer Dreaming

I have a confession to make I am a coveter! Now that summer has arrived in all it’s glory my little family likes to walk in the evening. We walk through all the neighborhoods in our tiny town and we each focus on different things – Beastie dog is constantly on the lookout for other beasties be they dog, squirrel, or rabbit; WeeMan spends his tryke ride searching for trucks and trains (we don’t walk by the train tracks very often – but he’s fascinated by trains), Hubby sizes up other people’s grass and their lawn equipment; and me – well I find myself gazing longingly at the houses with big yards and wrap around porches. I don’t even much care about the shape of the house as long as they have a huge porch for gathering the family and a yard big enough for a garden and game of tag or kickball – somewhere where lightning bugs will go to hang out in early dusk – that’s my dream. Hubby is completely aware that if we ever win the lottery our city house will be going up for sale and we’ll be moving to a ramshackle old farmhouse out in the country. I’m just not a new house kinda girl – I want a house with character – a story. Someplace we can fix up into our perfect little nest – with a LOT of elbow grease. That’s just my thrifty country girl nature – what do you expect from someone who thinks Goodwill and garage sales are a perfect shopping day!

So what do you find yourself coveting and dreaming about this time of year?


One thought on “Summer Dreaming

  1. I'm with you – an old house kind of gal. New houses just don't have the personality and history of an old one. My kid sister is building her dream house right now – with all the bells and whistles. But I wouldn't trade my rambling old farm house (that we will be renovating forever) for it!

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