Garage Sale Junkie

I confess I have an addiction. My name is Becky and I am addicted to garage sales and thrift stores. Every Friday during the summer I can be found in my car, early in the morning with a copy of the local free paper, and a plan in mind. That includes this morning when it was raining so hard we were under a flashflood watch and WeeMan and I got soaked running from the house to the car. I go through withdrawal in the winter months – I get my fix then cruising the local Goodwills. I’m constantly in search of a treasure – something that I’m pretty sure I can’t live without even though I never knew it existed before I found it at a sale. Is there such a thing as Garage Saler’s Anonymous? Should I get help?

Seriously, this morning WeeMan and I ventured out to brave the elements – and I’m glad we did. Because of the stinky rainy weather – we got some good deals. New bathroom shower curtain and bathroom accesories – it’s like a bathroom remodel for under $10. WeeMan is thrilled with the Tonka Truck chair/ pillow I found him. It looks like a Tonka Dumptruck but it’s a pillow and you sit in the back – $2 and in perfect shape. WeeMan settled in for some cartoon watching while mommy made lunch in his new chair. Also found some jeans for WeeMan with an adjustable waist band – not too easy to find for boys. Got a couple of pairs in the next two sizes up. They will be washed and tucked away in his totes in the basement. My favorite find today was a box of beautiful old lady’s handkerchiefs – some of them hand embroidered. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I couldn’t resist.

Now that my addiction has been fed, WeeMan is napping and I just finished reading a terrific book called June Bug by Chris Fabry. (Highly recommend it) It’s about time to switch laundry over and round up WeeMan’s swim suit – we’re going to the splash park when he wakes up. It’s a good Friday!


4 thoughts on “Garage Sale Junkie

  1. You and I, we'd be BFF's! I love thrift shopping. I used to go every week, because our Salvation Army has a half price day on clothing every Wednesday, and then every 3rd Wednesday it's half off everything. Oh man, dangerous! 😉 Sounds like you got some great steals!

  2. I loved what your Grandma said about all sun and no rain makes a desert…found you through your comment at Transparent Mama…love your blog! I've read your comments at Transparent Mama before, but hadn't had a chance til now to get to know you! I'm going to enjoy hearing about your day to day…I'm a small town girl at heart, too, who covets time with family, walking the dog, etc…I love a good ol' house with a long history! I really must blog about my home sometime…gotta go, I can hear hubby drivin up and the dogs are a-hollering, lol!

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