The Best Part

First just a few random pictures of our summer so far – as you can tell WeeMan is quite a little waterbug.

I have a confession, sometimes I am a very selfish mommy. Take last night for example. It had been a busy day – too rainy and icky for WeeMan to play outside so he had been underfoot that whole day. Around 6 hubby had the brillian idea of putting “Finding Nemo” in – WeeMan has been obsessed with fish lately. It worked like a charm – WeeMan was absorbed almost right away. I finished up my kitchen tasks and then headed into the living room to curl up with my library book for the first time all day. I had just started reading, when I felt a tiny hand on my leg pulling at my sundress in an effort to climb into my lap. I sighed a huge sigh, resentfully thinking of my book and wishing for just a little time to myself – after all he had a perfectly good chair of his own on the floor. But I pushed shelved my resentment and gave him a boost into my lap. He squirmed and wiggled into a comfy spot and as my hubby got up from his chair to rescue me- the second or third sigh must have finally gotten through – I had an epiphany. These cuddle moments they’re becoming scarcer and scarcer as WeeMan grows so quickly. He’s already such an independent little man. Frequently, now he’s too busy running and playing and climbing to sit on your lap and watch a movie. So these moments – they should be cherished. Someday way too soon for me – he’s going to be walking away and shrugging off my hugs – and these times – well I won’t look back and think “Oh I wish I had had more time to read my book” No instead I’ll be looking back on these times and wishing I had cherished them more. So with another sigh – but for a different reason – I waved my hubby away and tossed my book to the floor, and WeeMan and I sat and watched the rest of “Finding Nemo” together – well he watched the movie and I watched him watch the movie.
Thank you WeeMan for reminding mommy to slow down and enjoy each and every cuddle moment. After all
“These are the days of miracle and wonder.” Paul Simon


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