The Week

We spent Wednesday and most of Thursday down at my mom’s. She’s been doing some remodeling and she needed some serious help putting the house back together, plus cleaning out the attic. I’ll be honest, when I walked in the door I kind of wanted to run screaming for the hills. It was much worse than I expected – a little like that tv show “Hoarders” or maybe “Clean House”. Things had just gotten out of control. She’s been taking medicine for depression since last spring when my dad died, and for awhile she seemed to be doing better. But with my little brother graduating from college and moving into an apartment she seems to have fallen apart at the seams. We knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t realize how hard. After all Ryan had been living on campus and not made it home for visits except on breaks – so I didn’t think his moving out would hit so hard. He was really fortunate to find a job in state so he’s only 3 hours away – jobs for chemical engineers in our state aren’t that easy to come by. Anyways – mom seemed pretty out of it at times. She said she just couldn’t find the energy to do any of the chores. (Definite sign that her depression is worse) So my sister and I worked our tails off putting the house back together. We took three loads of stuff to Goodwill and that was without going through my brother’s things. We moved most of everything back into the kitchen – it’s almost done, plus did the laundry, planted the flowers, and cleaned. She just has a few things left to do before Ryan’s graduation open house next weekend. On my way home I called her older sister and filled her in on how things were. Not trying to meddle, but knowing that mom listens to my aunt and my aunt has been through similar situations. Hoping that she will take her advice and talk to the doctor. It’s rough living two and a half hours north, but in some ways I’m glad that we live up here. The distance is better for hubby and I – I think if we lived in the same town mom would be way too dependent on me – which wouldn’t be good for my family. (Does that make me selfish?) Anyways I’ll keep praying that mom gets her feet back under her – she heads down to stay with her sister for two weeks after Ryan’s open house and I’m hoping a break and change of location will help lift her spirits too.

Today has been a little busy, but the rest of the day is all mine and WeeMan’s. I ran into the hospital to have my blood drawn for my day three blood work for Dr. B. (Our reproductive doctor) WeeMan and I also hit a couple of sales – got some cool Fisher Price blocks called pop ins that WeeMan was enjoying before naptime and a Pottery Barn comforter for his bed. While I was at the hospital registering for my blood work I was able to share with the girl in registration about our infertility journey. She had some questions, b/c she and her hubby have been struggling for two years and didn’t know where to start. I of course gave Dr. B high endorsements. Isn’t if funny how sometimes God puts you in a place to help a perfect stranger? I’ve always been really open with anyone who asks about our problems in the babymaking department, b/c a dear friend helped me so much when I was struggling and I remember what it’s like to not have a clue of how to proceed and what to do.

Not much else in the works for the weekend. Hope you all have a terrific one!


2 thoughts on “The Week

  1. I don't think it's selfish at all. There comes a point when we have to take care of the needs of our family first and foremost. I think it's great what you are able to do for you Mom, though! Re: your question about pics, I use photoshop elements and do a slight "color pop" action in some of my pics, which adjusts the contrast and brightening just so, and really makes the color pop. My camera just so happens to really like the color green, though, and it doesn't take much for pictures to turn out good in that particular spot in the yard (I have a row of cannas all along one brick wall) combine that with wearing green and you get some major color pow! Plus, I took those in the evening, and pictures tend to turn out really vivid when the sun is setting.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your mom is struggling. I know what you mean about being surprised about the whole college/moving out thing. I feel my mom's being that way about my brother's wedding.I'm sure she appreciated your help with the cleaning out! (And distance can be good — that's not selfish.)

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