House Party

Okay I’ve stumbled across a pretty cool little site online and I’ll be honest I almost hate to share it… but I will. The site is I found it through the Kraft First Taste sight – which I found thanks to LeAnn over at . On the house party sight you can fill out applications to host parties to introduce a wide variety of new products. If you are chosen you get a party pack for your party absolutely free. I’ve applied for three parties and been chosen to host one so far. (The first one I applied for was an Oscar Mayer hotdog grill party and I wasn’t chosen for it.) I’m hosting a Febreze Fresh Summer Entertaining Party. The site date for the party is June 26, but if you’re chosen you have some flexibility in the dates and I had to switch to July 2 in the morning, which works pretty good for just about everybody I’ve invited. Many of them are stay at home moms or teachers and are off for the summer. The super cool part is my party pack arrived today via Fedex and I was absolutely amazed when I opened it. Remember this was absolutely free – all I have to do is agree to have a party and who doesn’t love parties. Here’s what was in my pack:

1 Febreze apron (pretty cool and going to be super handy when doing bread baking)
1 pack of napkins
2 Febreze room sprays (pomengranate mango)
5 febreze flameless luminaire starter kits (pomengranate mango)
8 Febreze set and refres starter kits (Hawaiian Aloha) * new product we’re previewing
8 Febreze set and refresh starter kits (Linen and Sky) * new product
10 Febreze scented reed diffusers (pomengranate mango)
18 febreze Home collection Flameless Luminaire Refills (pomengranate mango)
20 Sandra Lee and Entertaining tip cards
180 Febreze Set and Refresh coupons for a variety of Febreze products

Everything was full size – no trial sizes here and again absolutely free. I’ve applied to host another party in August for Boboli pizza on the grill. My fingers are crossed b/c this is absolutely crazy.

So enough raving about the party pack – here’s my party plan. A morning at the spa. Several of the guests have little ones but we have a fenced in yard and a play room so I’m not worried about that. I’m going to make some yummy light foods – and some sort of non alcoholic mimosa like drink and I’ll have some spa type things like foot soaks etc. (I have a ton of things left over that are Beauti Control Spa products. (I had a crazy idea of selling Beauti Control a few years ago – that just never flew) So far I only have a couple of girls coming but that’s better than none. Everyone who comes will of course be taking home a Febreze goody bag. Bet you all wished you lived closer!


2 thoughts on “House Party

  1. I've heard of that site before! You'll have to let me know how it goes, do they ask you to write a review or anything after the party? Totally wish I lived closer! 😉

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