Busy Summer Days

We’re staying busy here in the Hoosier state. I’m enjoying every minute of being a stay at home mommy this summer. Although by the time August rolls around I’m sure I’ll be ready to go back to work….. at least I keep telling myself that.

Sunday was Hubby’s day. In honor of Father’s Day we let daddy have complete control of our plans. He decided he wanted Red Robin for lunch so after church we headed up to the city and the mall. (Ugh – I’m so not a fan of the mall – but we love Red Robin. ) WeeMan and daddy had a blast building a dragon at Build A Bear and then playing in the little playground area in the mall – until it go too busy. I even got to get some shorts for myself at Avenue (they were having a good sale and I had a $20 gift certificate) They were much needed since I’ve been losing a little weight and my other shorts were beginning to sag. After the mall we came home and relaxed for awhile before pulling out the stroller and walking downtown for the last little bit of the Heritage Days festival – jazz music and local restaraunts were set up in the downtown park area for people to sit and enjoy. Hubby had a good day – I think. He loved the mug that WeeMan and I made him at Walgreens.com. (travel coffee mug with pics of him and WeeMan)

Today I worked on cleaning up the house and baking more bread. Two of the three loaves didn’t rise as well this time, but it’s still incredibly yummy and it was easy to make. I also made chicken spaghetti – a recipe I borrowed from Pioneer Woman – and adapted a bit for my family. It made a ton, so we’ll be eating leftovers for lunch all week, but it was delish. When hubby got home and it had cooled off a bit we let WeeMan run through the sprinkler outside – I should have taken the camera out b/c as usual I missed some great shots.

Tomorrow I’ve got my college roomate bringing her kids down for lunch and a trip to the splash pad in the early afternoon and then one of my bridesmaids is coming down for dinner and margaritas in the evening. I’m excited to see them both since it’s been awhile, but I’ve got to get the house picked up some after I put WeeMan to bed.


2 thoughts on “Busy Summer Days

  1. What kinda bread you been making? I love fresh bread, so good! I have issues with mine rising sometimes, too. I hate it when that happens. Have a great week!

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