It was a Great day

Today was a fantastic day for several reasons. First I received my first blogger award from

My instructions were to
1. Thank the blogger who passed the award to me.
2. Share up to 10 things about myself
3. Pass the award onto 10 blogs that I recently began following and think are fantastic
4. Notify those bloggers of their award (of course)
The next step to this award is to share 10 short and sweet things about myself –
Here goes
1. I am a mommy to an amazing little man – who makes me smile thousands of times a day
2. I am an Infertile – my son is an IVF baby
3. I have a wonderful, loving, generous, kind hubby whom I met online
4. I am a fourth/ fifth grade teacher – but I think I may want to homeschool my WeeMan
5. I wouldn’t have made it through the years of trying to have a baby without my church family, my friends who had made the journey before, and my blog friends. They all kept me sane and wiped away thousands of tears.
6. I want to write children’s books when I grow up. (okay now it’s when I can find the time)
7. I love to cook and am currently on the quest for the perfect bread recipe
8. I also love to garden – and I always overplant!
9. I am a voracious reader – once when I was in fourth grade my parents grounded me from reading until I brought my math grade up….. scary thing – it worked!
10. I lead a very blessed life – not necessarily in material things, but in the relationships my God has blessed me with
Next Step – pass the award on to 10 blogs I enjoy following (she takes beautiful pictures of her children) ( a woman after my own heart with yummy recipes) (she frequently makes me laugh) (their journey has touched my heart over and over again) (Amy is a mommy to an adorable little girl with another baby on the way – she’s been a great blog friend) (Leanna is another mommy blog friend with an adorable little guy) (She always has fantastic ideas that inspire me) (Allison is a down to earth mommy) (They keep me scouring garage sales and Goodwill for the kinds of bargains they find and remake and sometimes resell) (She is a beautiful writer and takes gorgeous pictures)
Okay now that that is out of the way just a brief blurb about my fantastic wonderful day. WeeMan and I had a terrific time eating gourmet pbandj with my college roomies and their kiddos and then it was off to the splash park where the kiddos ran amuck in the water and the mommies got to catch up and wonder why we don’t get together more often – because man I miss them sometimes. After our splash park adventure it was home for a nap for WeeMan and another friend to visit with for mommy – one of the girls I taught with when I first started teaching dropped by and we spent four hours just talking about anything and everything – the way that good friends can – even if they don’t see each other often enough. ( seriously time for catching up with friends is one of the BEST things about summer !)

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