Things that made me Smile today

WeeMan playing outside in his wading pool. He was filling his sandbucket with water and dumping it in the grass to make a mud puddle. WeeMan watching our garden visitor intently – picture of visitor to follow.

My zinnia garden in bloom – is there a happier flower on Earth?

The new little sitting area I’ve made near the zinnia garden and under the shade of the redbud. (We have an EXTREMELY small yard – so I’ve got to utilize all of it I can.)

Joe my garden guardian. WeeMan likes to hoot at him- I think he thinks he’s real.

My garden basket waiting patiently for my tomato and pepper bounty

Zinnias and cone flowers galore!

Our garden visitor. WeeMan was enthralled by him.

My tomato plants – grow babies grow!

My crafty project for the day. This star used to be blue and used to hang on the front porch – but I felt like the back gate needed some love and I had some red spray paint. I like the way you can still see the blue through it a little bit. Makes it look rusty

One of my whiskey barrel flower gardens – notice the soon to be demolished rickety deck in the background. Super excited about that project. The deck which is falling apart was built by the previous owners on a huge cement patio that is in fantastic shape. While we are in Alabama – the deck will be torn down and a smaller landing and set of stairs will take it’s place. Then we can spread out on the patio. Yaaay! (I’ve only had this one on the list for 4 years)

One of the old metal pails I have scattered around the deck and the backyard full of flowers. I bought 6 of them last summer for $2 at a garage sale.

Basil running amuck!

Can you tell where we spent most of the day today? The heat wave finally broke today and the temps were in the 80s with a lot lower humidity. It was a wonderful day to play outside.

Other things that made me smile today –
*taking time in the early morning to sit on the porch and read my Bible
*taking an evening walk with my family after a supper that included Indiana grown sweet corn – yum!
*the blizzard my hubby bought me on his way home from work for an evening treat
*hearing the song “The House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert and really hearing the words
So what made you smile today?


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