Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful – so WeeMan and I set aside all the things we were supposed to do and walked to the park for a couple of hours. Then we came home and had a picnic lunch in the backyard and then we both took catnaps. It was a good day! (Well aside from some insurance mess – to deal with) Of course all that having fun yesterday means my chores that were supposed to be done yesterday are getting done today – along with cleaning up the house and getting ready to have the girls over for my Febreze house party tomorrow. Sigh. Oh well the fun we had yesterday was totally worth the extra busyness today.

So far today we have
*spent some time on the swing in my Bible
*hit one garage sale – which was a total bust
* gone to the library for new books for WeeMan – where of course we had to stay and play for a bit.
*made a trip to two farmer’s Markets – the first one was way overpriced and the green beans I was wanting for next week were all wrinkly – which meant we had to drive a little farther but went to an absolutely adorable and reasonably priced farm stand out in the country, (Seriously next time I’m taking my camera – so you can all see the wonderfulness of it!)
*done two loads of laundry and gotten them hung out to dry
*ate lunch in a tent in the backyard
* swept the kitchen
* made a list of little things I still need to pick up from the Dollar Tree for the goody bags for tomorrow, and a couple of things I need to get at the grocery store that I couldn’t get from the Farmer’s Market –

I still need to
* vacuum the house
* wash the outside table
* go to the Dollar Tree and the grocery store
* make a veggie pizza
* make muffins
* make a jug of lemonade
*put away laundry and dishes (after I finish the last three loads)
*tidy up the playroom and the bathroom

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and letting the kiddos run amuck in the backyard while the mom’s visit, but sometimes I dread all the cleaning. I know they don’t care – but I do!

Well my list of stuff to do is calling my name. Better make the most of nap time. Picture post of all the fun tomorrow or Saturday.


One thought on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. My to-do list is way too long as well! We've hit one of those busy patches. I love how you took time to eat lunch in the back yard and took catnaps! You've got your priorities right!

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