A New Plan and lots to do

Another summer week is wrapping up which puts me one week closer to going back to school. I’m always excited in the summer – looking forward to going back, to meeting my new kiddos and getting the jump on a new school year. I’m usually jam packed full of ideas to make learning fun. This summer is a little bittersweet though. I’ve enjoyed every minute of being home with WeeMan (okay not counting the screaming mimi fits we’ve started throwing lately)

For the longest time I was sure that I wanted to quit teaching when WeeMan was ready to start school. I was going to stay at home and teach him. It’s not anything against the people I work with or the school I teach at – it’s just all the testing and the time I don’t feel like teachers get to spend on things like history and science anymore. Now the focus is constantly on math and reading. It has to be b/c of test scores and funding. So I had decided long before WeeMan was born that I was going to homeschool him. I had worked and worked on persuading hubby that that was the way we should go…. and now. Well lately I’ve felt more and more like that may be the way I want to go – but it’s not the way God wants me to go. Lately I’ve felt like God has been trying to show me that I need to keep teaching – that by teaching I’ll be able to witness to kids who otherwise may never know God. (Okay in the public school – one can’t exactly witness verbally at least not outright. But I can witness to them through my actions and through loving them – even the ones that are hard to love. ) I’ve also begun to feel like maybe God wants to use WeeMan to reach others to – that if we raise him up in our faith – he can be like some of the other kids at our church who somehow reach a population who otherwise may be lost. Part of my reasons for wanting to homeschool were selfish – I see that pretty clearly now. Yep teaching and being a mom is unbelievably hard sometimes – but God never promised that life was going to be easy. Yes we could probably afford for me to stay home – but we’d have to cut back on our spending and on much worse our giving. I’m sure that there will be days next year and in the years to come when I think “Why am I doing this job? Why don’t I just quit and stay home?” But I’m going to rely on God to keep me going even on those days. To remind me when I’m tired why I need to keep teaching.

As far as the history and the science – well I think I’ve got that figured out too. I’ll be supplementing that for WeeMan in the summers and on breaks and on weekends. In my mind I’ve got this image of our family vacations and trips evolving out of what WeeMan is learning about. So that’s what I meant about a new plan.

As far as lots to do – well that’s self explanatory. We leave Saturday morning at 4 am for Cullman, Alabama. Hubby’s great aunt lives down there – so we’re going to visit again. We were just there in April over spring break but she’s in her late 80s and well not to be morbid – but we know after losing my dad how precious time is. Aunt Joyce was like a grandmother to Hubby – and she adores WeeMan. We want to visit her as often as she can, I worry that we won’t be able to for much longer. We’re going to be gone for 6 days – driving straight through on the way down (about 12 hours) and we’ll stop for the night on the way back up. We won’t want to leave as early when we head home, we try to soak up every minute we can with her. So I’m working on packing every possible thing we might need while we’re down there. We’re staying in a motel – but there is a fridge in our room and a grill outside, so we won’t have to eat out for every meal. We’re all looking forward to getting away. The motel has a pool – so I know WeeMan will love that ( the temps down there have been in the 100s so I don’t think we’ll be going out to the pool in the afternoon – but morning and evening.) We’ll probably be at Aunt Joyce’s in the afternoon. The only down side is that we are kenneling the Beastie Dog on this trip – it’s just too hot for him to have to travel in the car that far. I’m dreading that – he hates to be left and I know it’s going to be hard on WeeMan to leave him.

Well I’ve got packing and cleaning to do before we go – so I’d better get busy.


One thought on “A New Plan and lots to do

  1. Wonderful post! What a process God has brought you through and how beautiful your acceptance of His Will for you! Sounds like you are one terrific mom and teacher…win-win situation!Enjoy time with Aunt Joyce 🙂

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