Random Fridayness

First of all I had to share a picture of the sweet mother’s necklace I treated myself to on etsy. (Yes – I confess I’m addicted to all things etsy!) This was made by Michelle at Down 2 Earth Jewelry Designs. Isn’t it absolutely adorable? You can visit her site at http://down2earthjewelry.etsy.com
Now for the rest of the randomness – I think we’re all packed for our trip. We leave for Alabama tomorrow before dawn. I’ll be driving the first leg and then hubby will drive the second. We’ve got a cooler and a picnic basket packed so we can save some money on the road – but we did cash in our change jar for some fun money – almost $300 and we had only been saving since January – and we had cashed it in a couple of times already. (We’re going to start filling it now for next summer and not cash it until we go on vacation. That should pay for a pretty good one!)

We took beastie dog to the kennel tonight. Last time we went we took him with us, but the temps are unbearable down there right now and we don’t want to have to leave him in the motel or the car in the heat. Of course it was hard for me to leave him – he gets so upset when we kennel him and I’m sure he’s thinking “What if they don’t come back for me” but it was even worse for WeeMan he cried the whole way home. Just kept saying “dog, dog, dog” and sobbing. Broke my heart!

I love going on vacation but I’m also such a worrier when we get ready. I worry about forgetting something we need, or something happening to the house while we’re gone, or something happening to one of our beasties while we’re gone. Fat Cat will be staying home and friends are coming over to feed him and take care of the litter box while we’re gone. (He’s pretty anti social most of the time, so I don’t even think he’ll miss us. He’s thrilled that beastie dog is gone already) Mostly I worry about beastie dog running away from the kennel or something happening to our home. I’m so neurotic I usually take things I can’t replace with us – scrapbooks, certain pieces of jewelry from my family and I unplug EVERYTHING. Is there anyone else as neurotic as me when it comes to leaving their home for a few days??

By the time we get back the new deck should almost be done and I might have some red tomatoes! I’m just hoping my zinnias are still blooming when we get back because they just opened up in their full glory today and I really want to enjoy them when we get home. I want to scatter their brightness throughout my house in old jars and bottles.

Well I’ve got more cleaning to do and WeeMan is in need of a bath. I’ll be by to check in while we’re gone. We’re taking the laptop with us.


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