Alabama and Home Sweet Home

Warning this may be a lengthy post and there are a LOT of pictures. We’re back home again. It was a good trip – HOT but we spent the warmest part of the days inside visiting with Aunt J. It was wonderful to have so much time to visit with her. She’s 88 and we worry each time we go down that it might be the last chance we have to visit with her. In spite of her age and her health problems she is a feisty little lady and she gets around pretty good. We’re hoping that means we have many more years to go down and visit. The worst part of the trip is always the saying goodbye. She would love for us to move down there, but there just aren’t job opportunities for either of us and we like our Indiana home. Each time we leave it seems to be harder and harder – tears are almost guaranteed. Well here are some photos from our trip – I didn’t take nearly as many as usual. Don’t know what was wrong with me.

Here’s where we spent a big chunk of our time in the evenings. In the hotel pool. We stayed at a Days Inn which although it was old, is well maintained and clean which is a huge plus. Especially since it is one of the cheapest motels in Cullman. The other nice thing is you get to choose from several hot breakfasts each morning that are made to order and well cooked. Not many places let you have that option anymore! WeeMan loved the pool. He wanted down to swim on his own – even though he doesn’t know how to swim and the shallowest spot was 3 ft. He’s so independent!

This lovely lady is dear Aunt Joyce. She is watching WeeMan blow bubbles in this picture. Just look at that smile – can you tell how much she loves her WeeMan. She has pictures of him all over her house and had a laundry basket full of toys waiting for his arrival – even though she’s on a fixed income. Such a dear sweet lady. I wish she would move to Indiana.

Weeman blowing bubbles.

WeeMan with his backpack full of cars. Did I mention how independent he is?

Passed out after bubble blowing and playing at Aunt Joyce’s.

We had a super yummy lunch at Rumors Deli in Cullman. We kind of stumbled upon it while checking out downtown. We wrapped up our lunch with gelato. Delish!

WeeMan and Daddy on the pier at the little park we visited.

The geese that swarmed and tried to eat WeeMan’s fingers

Walking with daddy

Home Sweet Home and my zinnias are still in bloom. I adore zinnias – warning the next few pictures are of my flower affections.

Okay this picture is out of order and very late. This is WeeMan and E watching the fireworks on the fourth of July. She’s a year older than him and they are so cute together.

Another happy zinnia

So now that we are home. There is laundry to do and groceries to buy. Lots of little things to do around the house. The old deck is gone and the new landing is almost complete. I’m anxious to start arranging things on the patio. Right now I’m taking a break from laundry. I’ve got my two flea market finds in the oven seasoning – cast iron skillets that needed some tlc but should still be good skillets. I’ve got to finish figuring out dinner and trim up the lambs ear that is running amuck in the front of the house…. but I’m feeling lazy.


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