Concert Rundown

Hubby and I had a terrific time at the Brooks and Dunn concert Friday night. Hubby has been a big fan of theirs since the beginning and I like them almost as much. We’ve had the tickets since way back in March – they were hubby’s birthday present. The concert was wonderful – I’m not a fan of either of the openers (in fact we have never heard of the first guy – he was okay – but I swear they keep getting younger and younger) Gary Allen put on a good show and he brought his dog out on stage – which stole the show. Brooks and Dunn started their performance at 9 and sang for over two hours – at one point they even took audience requests. We had fantastic seats – in spite of the groupies in front of us who stood the ENTIRE show. Two of their songs brought goosebumps to my arms and tears to my eyes. During their performance of “Only in America” local members of the armed forces came out – serious goosebump moment. And of course the song that always gets me “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” made me sob for my dad. Brooks and Dunn will definitely be missed in our house. Many of their songs had a way of touching your heart – and a lot of their songs were just plain fun. Thank you for 20 wonderful years of music!

As usual the best part of any concert is the people watching and let me say there was no shortage of people to watch. I wish I had taken my camera in so I could share some of the people with you. There was dancing by himself guy, Sugar Mama in her see through tank top, the couple that I swear were on a blind date – and the girl was really regretting that, the guy was WAY more into the date, and a multitude of stupid drunk people. Oh I wish I could show you some of what I saw. Words can’t even begin to describe!

Well enough about the concert. Look for a post with pics from the zoo, garage saling, and the farmer’s stand tomorrow. We have been busy little ducks this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Concert Rundown

  1. Sounds like fun, I love that a dog was up on stage! I love people-watching at concerts just as much as I love watching who I paid to be entertained by,lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog, lemon verbana really is such a fresh, clean scent!

  2. People watching is by far the best part of any public attraction, lol! I can't remember if I ever answered your corn question. You can just freeze them in the husk, no need to do anything else! I do wrap mine up pretty good…

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