Quick Surgery update

WeeMan is napping so I’m going to try to keep this short so I can squeeze in a nap too. We arrived at the surgery center at 7:30 this morning. WeeMan was slightly irritated b/c we had no breakfast – not even a cup of milk. (No food or drink 8 hours before surgery – not easy to explain to an 18 month old) The nurses at the surgery center were much nicer than the ones at the doctor’s office. After clearing up some confusion – they had someone elses name listed as insurance holder on WeeMan’s paperwork. (Hmmm – could it be b/c the nurses at the office were so unfriendly and rushed us through so much) We waited about 15 min and were shown back to pre – op. He cooperated with the nurse who took his temp and blood pressure – didn’t even mind the hospital gown. (He looked so sweet in it – I should have taken a picture) The only thing that made him mad was the bracelet they put on his ankle – he kept saying off. We were in pre -op for about 20 min and then they came and took my brave WeeMan back for surgery. The doctor and nurses warned me that he would wake up crying and being cranky. I went out to the waiting room and was only there for about 15 min before the doctor came in to tell me they were all done. Things had gone well – there was no fluid so there should be no drainage. In another 10 minutes one of the nurses came and got me to take me back to recovery. As we approached I heard several little ones crying and was trying to pick out WeeMan’s cry from everyone elses. I was prepared to rush in to the rescue. Instead I was shown to a cubicle where my WeeMan was sitting calmly on a nurses lap – not a tear in sight. She said he had woken up quickly from the anesthesia. Both eyes had popped open and he had sat right up and looked around. My brave big boy didn’t cry a tear. He had merely hugged his beloved bear and held out his arms to be picked up. The only difference in him has been a willingness to cuddle a little those first few minutes after surgery. He came right to me from the nurse and cuddled in close. Within 10 minutes he was demanding to be “down” so I dressed him and we scurried out the door. We were in the car ready to go home a few minutes after 9. All in all a relatively easy procedure for mommy and WeeMan.


2 thoughts on “Quick Surgery update

  1. Wow what a trooper! Hope you got a nap in too after all that. Glad to hear it went so well and he woke up so well.Thanks for stopping by and following, I'm a new follower too 🙂

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