Weekend Picture Round Up

Here are the weekend highlights in pictures. It was a good weekend and we were thrilled my mom and brother were able to spend part of it with us. Daddy put together the basketball goal Aunt J sent back with us from Alabama and a big part of the evening was spent playing ball.

Riding on Uncle Ryan. WeeMan is now proficient at saying Giddy up.

Visiting with the goats in the farm area of the zoo. Look at that smile.

So serious in the coral reef as he searched for Memo. He found one that looked like Dori and kept pointing at it saying “memo” I think the reef was his favorite part of the day.

Feeding the giraffe

With grandma and Uncle Ryan

Uncle Ryan again

Saturday morning we visited the Farm stand. here are the pictures I promised – but they don’t really do the place justice. It’s so cute and junky all in one. Plus the prices are amazing. I came home with zucchini, yellow squash, cukes, tomatoes, green beans, new potatoes, onions, pork burgers and peaches all for under $20. Can’t beat that. I’m ready for my tomatoes to start turning red. May have to give in and fry up some green ones for dinner.

Tomorrow WeeMan goes in for his ear surgery. He’s getting tubes. Please say a prayer that it goes quickly and well.


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