Happiness is……….

*blowing bubbles in the rain with WeeMan

* a kiss from my hubby for no reason at all

* the first ripe tomato peeking through the leaves of my garden

* fried chicken for dinner

* key lime pie for dessert

* an email from a dear friend

* knowing that tomorrow is 50% off day at GoodWill


5 thoughts on “Happiness is……….

  1. Aww, that's a GREAT list! Blowing bubbles in the rain and fried chicken . . . and the first ripe tomato. Perfect!Thanks for your recommendation about Castaway Kid — I haven't read it. If you want to send it sometime with your mom, that would be terrific!

  2. Just stopped in after your great comment… Boy do we think alike. LOVE your blog and share your list,even tho you didn't mention chocolate once! I too am a Goodwill/thrift/yard sale addict and see that you scored really well lately… If we went together there might be trouble… But I could pass along lotsa 3t clothes. Enjoy your beautiful boys! I'll be back. 🙂

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