The Mother Load – GoodWill this week

I really hit the mother load at Goodwill this week. Probably a good thing since there weren’t many garage sales that looked promising this week. Actually I only circled two and they don’t start until tomorrow. Gotta get my fix in – in these next few weeks. School gears up again on the 10th. Then I’ll have to survive on Saturday only garage sales.

So I hit Goodwill on two days – Monday and today. Two separate Goodwills – neither in my town. I spent around $90 total on the two trips – I would have done better but Monday wasn’t 50% off day.

On Monday my big find was this Little Tykes coupe. WeeMan is in 7th heaven now. They have one of these at the sitters and I knew he would love it. I spent $10 on it (too bad I didn’t find it today for $5 – but I knew it would be gone if I waited until today.) I also picked up two skirts for work, a denim blazer, some tiny newborn sleepers in pink for a girl from our small group, and two shirts. My total on Monday was right around $30. Not bad for all that!

However today was MUCH better. Today I spent just over $60. Here’s the haul I brought home today. One Precious Moments little boy with the tags still on – WeeMan got to pick one thing and this was his playmate.
7 cds -three for WeeMan (Veggietales, Kidzbop, and Disney) , 3 country cds (Martina and Keith Urban greatest hits and a mix of country artists singing inspirational songs), and one Harry Connick Jr. Christmas cd

6 shirts for WeeMan in 2T – we’re not there yet, but we soon will be. Of course he has two tubs of clothes in the basement in 2 T that I need to go through from various sales and hand me downs from church friends. I love the button down motorcycle one – It says Triumph on the back with a skull – what can I say mommy likes to dress WeeMan like a rock star!

4 sleeveless chemise for mommy. I think I can wear the two solid ones under the khaki jacket and the denim jacket I just picked up for work. The fuschia one still had the tags on it from Old Navy

Two long sleeve shirts for work. The striped one is a cute wrap shirt.

4 more long sleeve shirts and two short sleeve ones – the red one on the end and the black print one on the end are my faves and will look fantastic with black dress pants. One of the tops is a super cute white wrap top – tags still on from Avenue

Two dresses – both with tags still on – one from Torrid and one from Avenue

Two pairs of dress pants – one with the tags

4 pairs of jeans – two are Levi, one is Calvin Klein, and the last pair is Eddie Baur – tags still on them

Two cute teeny tiny shirts for my teeny tiny sister – the brown one is actually a mossy green color and has a lot of nice detail

Three pairs of shoes – I’m loving the red patent ones

Three books for WeeMan

I also got a super cute red trench from Old Navy and a khaki blazer type jacket from Daisy Fuentes.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you don’t find a thing and other times you come home with the motherload?? There’s a couple of sales I had marked for tomorrow morning. But I think we’ll see how fast I’m moving in the morning – since I did so good today. The great thing is I have managed to lose about 10 lbs this summer and somethings were getting loose. Now I can replace them and these things should all last through at least another 10 or 15 pounds. Yaaaay for some great back to school shopping.

Did any of you luck out on bargains this week??


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