Well – it’s official I am a BAD mommy. My WeeMan has chickenpox! (I know – gasp – how could that happen in this day and age!) I’d better start at the beginning. Weeman is 18 mos old and has not had his chickenpox vaccine. He always has pretty bad reactions after he gets shots – and well – I’ll be honest I have been torn about the chickenpox one. See I had chickenpox as a child and lived to tell about it and don’t remember it as being that horrible. (I know that’s my opinion and I know that some people have had much more severe cases and I know that in order to go to school in the great state of Indiana it is required that he have the shot.) That being said the times he has been in for checkups he has either had other shots he needs to get – and I can’t stomach the thought of him getting 3 or 4 at a time when we ALWAYS have a reaction – or I have been late with my period ( our doctor won’t give it to him if there is a possibility I am preggars – unfortunately that appears to just be a wish in a bucket, or the last time we were in it was the day before his surgery for tubes – so fate has conspired against us in the getting of the vaccine. Now that you are all thoroughly irritated with me and ready to give me quite the lecture about my irresponsibility in the shot department – on with the story.

A week ago Saturday WeeMan fell down while running amuck in the backyard. I was checking him over for bumps and bruises – despite his vocal protests to my mothering when I noticed two bumps on his elbow. Not seeing any others I determined that they must be bug bites – after all the little guy is outside as much as mean old mommy will let him be. I filed the bites in the back of my mind and didn’t think any more of them – they didn’t seem to bother WeeMan. Monday night after our 18 month check up I noticed he had another bump on his calf – hmmm need to use bug spray when we’re outside I guess. We had ear surgery on Tuesday and I spotted another bump on his ankle that night despite not having played outside much that day. Curious. Between Tuesday and yesterday hubby and I found two or three more bumps all spread out. He was cranky on Wednesday and Thursday so I periodically checked his temp – but it was always normal – so I chalked it up to being cranky from the surgery. Sunday when we arrived at church I decided to show one of the ladies who is a nurse and see what she made of the bites. We were holding steady at 6 or 7. She took one look at him and said “I think it’s chicken pox. You’d better take him home. He could be contagious.” (Hmmmmm of course we’ve already exposed numerous people at this point including our couples small group and a variety of friends, neighbors, and Walmart shoppers. ) So home hubby went with WeeMan – I stayed to teach my Sunday school class and get a lovely long lecture from another mother about vaccinating my child and my irresponsibility (her three children who I’m sure had been properly vaccinated were running amuck all over the church, swiping numerous donuts off the welcome table, climbing on furniture, etc…. but she is ever so much a better mother b/c her children have all their vaccines no matter how badly they behave). When I got home we set off for Redimed – after determining we’d rather know for definite. As soon as I told the receptionist why we were there we were shuffled into another unused waiting room. (Talk about feeling like you have the plague) On the bright side we were bumped to the front of the line and seen pretty quickly – apparently they wanted us out of there badly. The doctor who saw us determined that he was pretty sure we were dealing with chicken pox – he couldn’t be 100% sure being that we only had 6 spots and were probably on the end of the illness. He recommended staying out of public until the spots had scabs and seeing our family dr for a confirmation. Hmmmm so we left Redimed with the same amount of diagnosis we arrived with.

Tomorrow we have an appt with our regular doctor. I’m to park on the side of the building and call to let the office know we’re out there. They’ll come out and get us as soon as it is our turn. They only have one waiting room so we can’t go in there. In the meantime 4 of the 6 spots now have scabs and no new ones have shown up. So we’re about through this fight with the bubonic plague. The way my luck goes we won’t have a single spot by the time we go to the doctor tomorrow and he’ll just think I’m nuts.

Think I’ll go rearrange the furniture – maybe it will distract me from my bad momminess and my feelings of being cooped up. (If WeeMan weren’t sick we probably wouldn’t be going anywhere anyways! But it’s the thought that we can’t that makes me feel a little crazy.)


4 thoughts on “Quarantined!!

  1. Poor dude, but better to get them now than have to deal with them later. I don't do any vaccinations, and can totally understand why you've been concerned with all of the reactions! I have a really hard time being kind and understanding with women who lecture one way or the other, it's totally personal preference! Vaccinated children can contract the virus they were vaccinated against, too! Geesh, I'll climb off that soapbox. You're his Momma, you do what YOU feel is right. I researched, researched, and researched some more and came to the conclusion that just because the FDA approves it doesn't make it right. 😉 Of course I get raked over the coals for it, too. Good thing all of us Mom's are made of fire retardant material, eh? 😛

  2. You are not a bad momma! I'm just hoping that "other lecturing Momma" was having a bad day and isn't always like that. No one needs to hear that. Consider yourself hugged and loved. I think you are a wonderful momma and WeeMan is blessed to have you!

  3. Oops, I think I deleted my more lengthy comment. I was just saying don't feel bad about anything. There is a lot of information out there about vax pro and con right now, it's hard to know which way to go. Hope he's feeling better now!

  4. Baby Girl hasn't had her chicken pox shot either. I spread out the vaccinations, so I know what you mean about reactions and all. I don't blame you one bit for waiting. The question is: When was he exposed? At one point we thought Isaac had them, but it turned out to be a weird skin disease called pitoriasis rosae (it's rare). Anyhoo, I hope he feels better soon!

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