Quarantine Lifted

Well after a trip to our regular doctor’s office yesterday afternoon – the quarantine has been lifted. He’s not sure what the bumps are but he’s pretty sure it’s not the pox. If it is he says it’s the mildest case he’s ever seen. So to celebrate our freedom we ventured to the city today. We made plans to meet my friend Cathy for lunch at Panera – mmmmmm greek salad. Well you can’t drive the 20 min to the city without stopping at the Goodwill that you have to drive right by, right? So stop we did.

This time around the poison was books. I left with around 20 books hardback and paperback. All of them for me or WeeMan. Okay mostly for me! Apparently someone with the same taste in authors decided to clean out their shelves this week. I’ll read them and probably resell them next summer in my garage sale. (unless it’s a must keep) I also put together outfits for two of our nieces for their birthdays. (Coming up in September and August) I found some gorgeous milk glass glasses – 4 for $6 – they look fantastic with my Jadite in the kitchen hutch, found jeans for hubby, a Thomas the Train toy for WeeMan, and something for the Aqua and Avocado vintage switch that FoxglovesFabricandFolly is hosting. Check it out here if you’re interested http://foxglovesfabricandfolly.blogspot.com/2010/07/winner-is-new-swap.html

All in all a good day!


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