The Garage Sale Queen Reigns Again

Okay, okay…. please don’t be mad, but I’m so proud of my garage sale prowess this weekend and last I am declaring myself Queen of garage Sales at least in my little circle of friends. I know some of you out there are much better garage sale queens than me – but let me bask in my happiness for now. For a grand total of $45.25 – here’s what I found this weekend.

The First shots are all clothes for WeeMan in sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T. They were purchased along with an unpictured pair of sandals and the toy vacuum cleaner (pictured later) for $10.25. I don’t like to buy too far ahead on clothing – but this sale was all clean, well kept, brand name and priced at 10 cents to 50 cents…. so how could I not buy two bags of things- especially brandname jeans with the adjustable waist. (Those are hard to find for boys for some reason.) As you can see things have been washed and are ready to be folded away in the appropriate tub in the basement. (I use Rubbermaid totes labeled by size to store clothes in ) The tennis shoes are a barely worn pair of size 5 Nikes.

On to the bargain of the day. This Little Tykes water table (which came with the accessories – but WeeMan had already carted them off) was only $2 – because it was dirty on the underside. Hmmmmm – hello WeeMan will play with it OUTSIDE so we don’t mind dirt – and it will all spray off with the hose anyways.
This Car/ Train rug is for grammy’s house – it was $1.

This group of goodies is actually for my sister and her little girl. Carrie and her hubby are in the process of redoing an old farm house right now and money is tight. Just yesterday we were talking about how she had bought new bathroom accessories for the upstairs bath, but was going to try to clean up and reuse the one’s the bachelor owner had left for the downstairs bath even though they were filthy and not very girly. (That bathroom is going to be the guest bath and her little girl’s bath. It was painted a light gray, and they were only repainting the trim right now. Low and behold I found this bath set for $8 – fabric shower curtain, two rugs, and a trash can. I also got sweet pink Nikes for her daughter and a bed rail. They’re skipping the toddler bed and putting her in a twin bed in the new house.

WeeMan of course scored some more books – and mommy scored a time killing mindless computer game.

Cookbooks for mommy, a welcome sign for the back of the house, and a My first Leap Pad with four cartridges (pretty sure we’re saving that for Christmas)

A Pampered Chef apple peeler and corer (Now I don’t have any excuses for not making applesauce and applebutter this fall), two pairs of shoes for mommy

Brand new baby girl goodies – all with the tags still on. These will be part of a shower gift for a cousin.

A new picture frame (I can’t get enough), a pretty candle holder for the living room, and a curio cabinet for the master bedroom. (Check back later this week – I’m going to dress it up pretty for the special mementos between hubby and I. I haven’t decided whether to paint it or not. I’d like to paint it a soft cream to match the new bedding – but I don’t think that will make hubby happy. (He’s all about wood)

As for the rest of the day our plans involve playing in the new water table, a trip to the splash park, finishing the laundry, and getting ready to go camping tomorrow. I may start working on putting together the new master bedroom too. I’ve got curtains from the clearance section at Walmart – to match my gorgeous bargain spread (found Wednesday), and I’ve got some ideas for moving a few things around.
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9 thoughts on “The Garage Sale Queen Reigns Again

  1. Boy you really scooped up the deals here….I love all the clothes, and you can't beat the prices. Thanks for joining in the party. I would love if you added my link as well, or my button would be great. Enjoy visiting a few others too, they will do the same for you:) Have a great weekend Debbie

  2. I will bow to the queen. That water table thing (I have never seen one but I know Little Tykes pools) would have been going home with me even if there was no room left in my van. Someone would have been left behind (I would have come back!) or we would have called for help. And the play rug…and the candle holder…so many super finds at 2 or 3 times the price! I agree that when you find clothing in good condition, label name or not, at those prices, it is time to stock up. Tags on? Great gifts!

  3. the ingredients were all bought at the health food store, called Sprouts! Not sure if you have one where you live, but I am sure you have some sort of store like it! The plastic containers were from JoAnn's! 2 stops, not bad at all!

  4. My son is 29, I was so broke when he was little and it never dawned on me to go to garage sales, I don't know if we had any thrift stores. What a money saver this is, I love the curio cabinet! I am visiting from DebbiedoosCarol

  5. HOLY moly girlie you rocked it! Those are some great finds! I'm bowing down to the queen :)Thank you for stopping by last week, sorry it took me so long to stop by and say hi 🙂

  6. Hey Weezer {hee hee}!LOVE all of your finds.I love a great bargain!!!You have a keen eye, myfriend : ) and a also,a very kind heart. I amsure that all the giftrecipients your mentionedare going to love theirpresents! I hope that youand your darling familyare enjoying this summerday! xx SuzannePS: Love your music.

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