Weekend Visiting and more Happiness

This weekend we drove two hours to visit one of my best friends. Debbi has been one of my very best friends since the first day of our first trip to Camp Wapi Kamigi Girl Scout Camp. We had never laid eyes on each other until that day – but we were a match made in heaven. We were two scared little 3rd graders with no other girls from our troop in our camp area. (Debbi’s big sister was there but she was in an older group ) We bonded in a stinky canvas tent inhabited with the biggest spiders in the world and it stuck. We bonded over silly camp songs, our scruffy stuffed buddies we brought – I had a stuffed squirrel and she had a rabbit. When we left camp that year I sobbed because I didn’t want to leave my new friend and we vowed to be friends for life and penpals. Many many years have passed and through some of them the letters were frequent and others we were doing good to send a card – but no matter how many years or how scarce our visits I have always known I have a sister friend in her. Now that we’re older – our letters have become emails, or texts, and our visits have increased somewhat. (Although they’re still scarce and far between) It doesnt’ matter how long it’s been between visits or emails when we get together it’s like we were never apart. We have laughed and cried together. We have picked each other up and brushed off the hurt of broken hearts and dreams. We have celebrated life changing moments together and prayed diligently for hurts to be mended and dreams to come true. As hubby and I traveled the long hard road of infertility – I knew that I had a cheerleader and a prayer warrior on my side. In a cookie tin in my bedside table I have a written record of our friendship – hundreds of letters she sent me from third grade on – they are one of my most treasured things. When life gets rough and I feel alone against the world I can immerse myself in her friendship and retrace our growing up journey. I count myself truly blessed to have a beautiful, loving, sister friend like Debbi in my life.

Do you have a sister friend like that?

Happiness is….
crumpled, faded, childish writing on pink stationary
hugs after a long time apart
a friend that loves you no matter how far or how long it’s been
girl scout camp
hearing a song you sang at Girl Scout Camp on the radio while you visit with that friend
knowing that your friend has finally found a loving, caring husband to spend her life with
watching WeeMan quack at baby ducks
drooly beastie dog kisses when you come home from a night away
visiting until 2 am in the morning and never running out of things to talk about
delicious food prepared with love and a bottle of wine to share


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