Back to School

Today is the official first day for kiddos. We’re already halfway through the day and I have to say so far I really like my class. (yes that’s a little surprising – the past few years I’ve been able to look at the class and think – ugh it’s going to be a rough year.) Who knows maybe it’s not just that I like the kids. I think a big chunk of it is that I’m excited to be back for the first time in a long time. I’m excited about what I’m teaching and I am amazed at the confidence my principal has in my ability. For all of you who are recent visitors to my blog – I’m teaching a 4th and 5th grade multiage room in my building. I’m actually piloting this b/c my principal would like our whole wing to be 4/5 multiage. I know some of you might be thinking – “So did she get all the smart 4th graders and all the low 5th graders?” Nope – I’ve got a mix just like all the other fifth grade teachers.

My theme this year is “Everyday Heroes” and our class motto is “Character is power.” Booker T. Washington. We spent quite a bit of time today talking about character and what it means to be a person of good character. I also talked to my kids about how they have the power to change someone’s day for the better everyday. I am super excited about some of the things in the works for my kids. For example we are adopting a kindergarten class and I’m working out the details to adopt some elderly people from one of the nursing homes in towns. I really want our social action projects this year to be things the kids can see the results from. I teach in a school that is over 80% free and reduced lunch. Most of them are coming from horrible home situations and feel powerless in their lives. My goal this year is to show them that they can have power. To give them some sense of pride for the good that they can do in the world. My goal this year is to also teach them to question – to stand up for their opinions – but be able to listen to others and disagree respectfully.

Before my kids left for lunch we watched a clip from the movie “Zoom” and then I had them fill out Superhero applications and design a superhero costume. I wanted them to start to see themselves as heroes – even if they don’t have superpowers.


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