Garage Sale Goodies

It was a good week for garage sales in spite of only being able to hit late afternoon ones on Friday and Saturday morning ones. Actually I got some really good deals Friday afternoon from sales that were closing up. One of my favorites is not pictured – a Black and Decker foodsaver vaccum sealer. Perfect for Freezer meals – with a brand new roll of bags for $2.50. Should be great for next month’s meals.

This picture is a stack of old white bowls and a pretty dish I picked up all for $2. The dish is a soft green almost the exact same shade as my FireKing Jadite dishes.

This was WeeMan’s favorite finds of the weekend. The Cookie Monster pull along toy was only 25 cents. And is in very good shape. The eyes are a bit scratched but everything else is perfect including the sticker on the back. When you pull Cookie behind you he eats his cookie. WeeMan spent most of the weekend being followed by Cookie. I’d say that was worth a quarter. I picked up the Aqua Doodle mat for a buck. It plays “Old MacDonald’s Farm” while you draw.

WeeMan also became a jeep owner over the weekend. This Diego jeep cost us $10.

This Little Tykes picnic table is big enough for all the littles in our small group to sit together and was a steal at $15. The smaller table is off to grandma’s now.

This dollhouse was $15 and will be a perfect Christmas gift for my niece. Grandma is already on the hunt for furniture and dolls.

I paid $15 for this old double sink too. I’ve got a project already started on it. Pics to come next week.

Not pictured are 3 brand new Build a Bear Outfits for my other niece for Christmas. We bought the bear at an earlier garage sale with two other outfits. Also not pictured are some movies and clothes for hubby and I. (Things got put away before I got my camera out!)


8 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodies

  1. WOW–you did good. My grandson would love the jeep and picnic table. The double sink is quite a find. I have a single washtub and stand that is in need of a re-do. I am anxious to see what you do with your sink.Debbie

  2. Fab stuff. Little Tykes is always a great find because it just never wears out. I have an old Belfast sink under the garden tap and it looks so cute. Yours would make a great potting station.

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