Wrapping up on a Positive Note

This week definitely wrapped up much more positive than it started. Yesterday hubby and I went to dinner with our preacher and his wife. When we asked them if we could talk with them I was pretty much in crisis mode but by yesterday I had a sense of peace. It still was good to talk to them and to hear that they believe we’re on the right track and to leave knowing that they would be praying for us as we make decisions too. I know longer feel guilty or worried about what other’s will say about us trying IVF again instead of pursuing adoption yet. In my heart I still believe that someday we will be ready for adoption – but we can’t live our lives wondering if it would have been possible for me to carry another baby and regretting that we never tried again. Plus I would really like WeeMan to be older before we adopt as we will not be adopting an infant – we would be open to adopting older children.

There was only one downside to the dinner. We returned home after a wonderful meal and an even better visit to discover that when we left out of habit hubby had locked both doors – leaving WeeMan and their daughter who was babysitting for us locked out of the house without a cell phone. I was of course mortified – but L did a terrific job with WeeMan – inspite of not having binky or bear. She kept calm and kept him entertained and according to her he didn’t begin to get upset until abou 20 minutes before we returned. (I’m still mortified though!!)

Today was also a fantastic day. We took our fourth graders and my multiage class on their first field trip for the year. We went to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – which if you’re ever in northern Indiana is a fantastic zoo. My class was well behaved. I had plenty of chaperones – and I know that the kids had a fantastic time. In fact one of my fifth graders told me this was the first time he has ever been to a zoo!! He absolutely loved it and spent most of the bus ride home chattering about his favorite animals – which included the red panda. How awesome is that? Add that to the list of reasons I love my job.

I continue to be impressed by my kiddos. We have talked so much about their power and how they can change their community and their world. I already begin to see that reflected in the changes in attitudes and the way they walk down the hallway with pride. It breaks my heart to know the homes some of these kids have, and the change I see in them is just awe – inspiring. I got a chance to talk to one of the girls at church tonight that works in a local nursing home. She had mentioned before how so many of the residents get dropped at the door and never visited again – so tonight I talked about my class adopting some of her residents – another way that the kiddos can see how they can make a difference in their community. Teaching on this side of town so many of our kids end up in the court systems by junior high for making bad choices – I guess I’m hoping to save as many of them as I can.

Tomorrow is small group and garage salen’ So I better wrap up for the night. Thank you all for the hugs, kind words, and prayers for my last few posts. Having friends out there who get it and support me – makes a huge difference.


4 thoughts on “Wrapping up on a Positive Note

  1. Sounds like you have one resourceful babysitter. I'm so glad your dinner went well. Praying your situation and decisions, that the Lord will give you the desires of your heart.

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