It’s Been a while

It’s been a busy week. Seems like we’ve been on the go constantly. Now we’re wrapping up with a sick WeeMan. He’s had a horrible runny nose and now he’s not eating and he’s got a fever. I’m thinking it’s his throat again – so I’m going to take him to the doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday we made a spur of the moment decision to buy a new sectional. Our couch has been broken for about 3 years – it’s been usable just uncomfortable. Sunday hubby – who always sits on his lazy boy realized just how broken the couch was when he had to sit on it and so then all of a sudden he believed me. Anyways we were watching Big Lots and checking local furniture stores when we found a small caramel colored sectional at Big Lots for under $600. We debated and discussed and finally decided to use our Buzz Club reward points to buy the couch and get 20% off the price. Sweet! So the couch ended up costing us under $500. Yesterday was spent trying to move the Ginormous old couch and chair out of the house and the new one in. Thankfully a kind neighbor from across the street came over and helped. (Funny thing is he’s a guy we’ve never really talked to and he just jumped in and offered to help – super sweet of him) Then once the new couch was in hubby told him about the old chair and couch which had been moved to the garage by me and him earlier and the neighbor asked what we were going to do with them…. so hubby offered them to the neighbor and he took them – in spite of the couch being broken. He’s going to try to fix it and if he can’t he’s using it in his garage. Hooray – alls well that ends well and our garage is free for the cars. The new couch makes the room seem bigger and brighter – it’s quite a bit lighter than the color of the old one – it’s comfy too. The only downfall is the black dog – likes it just as well as the old one so we’ll have to sweep it at least once a week to keep the dog fur down.

I did do some garage saling on Saturday – but didn’t have any luck. Just a box of books – including The Help – which was absolutely as wonderful as everyone has said. I finished it in two days and would have finished it in one except for work and WeeMan. I’ve already passed my copy on to my friend at work. She better give it back though!

Saturday we had small group again. We’re really enjoying the dynamic of the new group. It’s great to see the kids together and now that most of us have been through one book together we seem to be able to open up with each other more. I think the two new couples have brought a lot to the group too.

Sunday night we went over to Matt and Mandy’s for dinner and Killer Bunnies while the kiddos played. They’re really becoming good friends. In some ways they seem to have filled the void that was left by Bobby and Angie – after that whole mess. The best part is they’re both saner and definitely more caring and less self involved. WeeMan loves playing with Ellie and the hubbies seem to be finding things to talk about now too. Isn’t it funny how God brings people into your lives at just the times you are ready and need them? Mandy and I are treating ourselves to girl’s dinner out tomorrow night. We both need it – since we’ve both been a little down being surrounded by all these pregnant friends and it’s never us. We’re also heading out to the Wakarusa ReSale on Saturday morning – where I’m super excited to finally get to meet my blog friend Katie. WeeMan doesn’t need much – but I’m going more for the visiting than for the shopping – although I’m sure I’ll find a few things.

My class is definitely getting more used to me. This week we’ve had some behavior issues – so the newness is wearing off. But still they’re good kids and the issues are slight. I’m still extremely frustrated by one of the other fifth grade teachers. She just can’t seem to keep her nose in her own business and she seems to be trying to stir up trouble with me. I’ve been really lucky that my principal used to teach with me – so he seems to see where the issues are coming from. I’ve been biting my tongue frequently and praying for God to guide my words to her – that’s how irritating it’s been at times.

Still no news from Dr. B’s office. I figure I’ll give them a call next week and see if he has had a chance to look over the pictures and compare them. I’m anxious to know what our next step is. I’m also working on the hurt I feel from Angie not even asking about anything. (she’s supposed to be my best friend – we’ve been together for almost 20 years for crying out loud) I did finally tell her that we may have to have surgery – only after she texted me about hoping we can get our ivf going soon so we can be pregnant together for a little bit at least. Her response was “well hopefully it all works out for you” – that’s it. Am I wrong to expect more? She did call today to tell me how her prenatal check up went and I found myself thinking, “Did I ask?” I didn’t say any of the things that were running through my head though. She hasn’t even asked what the surgery would be for or anything. Once again I find myself surprised by her callousness – when I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be. I’ve told Steve to keep reminding me that I need to keep my distance and forgive her but guard my heart with her. Easier said than done I’m afraid!


5 thoughts on “It’s Been a while

  1. I love new stuff! I got THE HELP for Christmas and still haven't read it. I started, and couldn't get into it, and all my friends who've read it just can't believe it! I'll try again. I think it was just the mood I was in.

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