The bright Spots

This weekend was exhausting – from Thursday till today. WeeMan was running a temp when I picked him up from the sitter on Thursday – which meant Friday off for me and a trip to the doctor. (While a Friday off sounds nice – you have to factor in Crankenstein, the toddler that took over my sweet WeeMan’s body, and the fact that when I’m sick I still have to have all the work ready to go with detailed sub plans, and I have to deal with whatever situations arose while I was gone.) Seriously it’s much easier for me to just go to work. So after a trip to the doctor on Friday we arrived home with the diagnosis of tonsillitis and a powerful antibiotic. We dosed WeeMan with ibuprofin and tylenol in alternating patterns and managed to keep the fever down – so mommy was off to dinner with her friend on Friday night. (A definite bright spot!)

Bright Spot #2 – WeeMan awoke Saturday morning with no temp – so it was off to the HUGE children’s resale in Wakarusa. I don’t have any pictures of my loot, but I left with tons of namebrand clothes in the next two sizes, books, puzzles, and cars and I only spent $60. Not bad and we should be set for 2t and almost set for 3t. Plus I did some Christmas and birthday shopping there too. The best part though was getting to finally meet my blog friend, Katie face to face.

Unfortunately, WeeMan was miserable the rest of the weekend. Maybe his bad mommy should have just kept him home Saturday morning!

Monday morning he was fever free so it was back to the sitter and work. Too bad mommy had spent the weekend taking care of Crankenstein and was now exhausted. She made it through the day and home with a fever running Crankenstein again. A call to the doctor’s office did no good. She was told the antibiotic was the highest possible for him and we would just have to wait it out. Ugh!! Exhausted, grumpy mommy did sub plans for the next day just in case.

Luckily this morning dawned with Crankenstein gone and WeeMan back home where he belongs. So it was back to the sitter and work.

Now maybe mommy can recuperate! It just seems like everything hits at once…. sick baby, issues with a parent at work (more about that later – I’m trying to not think about it right now), depressed, needy mom ( my mom), neglectful, hurtful friends, and anxiety over weekend visiting with inlaws. ( I just need to run away for a vacation from life!) Sweet hubby tried today. He watched WeeMan while I read/napped on the couch. I love my sweet hubby.

Here are some other things that have made me smile lately…..

Our new couch – excuse the mess please. It was a spur of the moment picture.

A sweet box from the Aqua and Avocado Vintage swap from Shawnee over at . The box arrived on Friday which was perfect timing – as I was frustrated, tired, and grumpy with a sick WeeMan. It was a reason to smile on a rough day.

The final bright spot is a little late, but it’s our cute new unwreath. (I confess I copied the idea from DavesWife. Hers is super cute – go here to check it out . I don’t think I’m going to add the flowers to mine. My wreath is pretty ornate and I think the flowers would be a bit much – but who knows I may change my mind. What do you think?

Here is a shot of the detail of the frame. This frame was actually my grandma’s and my mom rescued it after getting married – then I rescued and revived it from her.
I absolutely love the paper I used for the background. It’s so me and so my family and it makes us smile.
The L is made from Storybook font cartridge for my cricut. I’m not sure about the color, but I think the font style fits well.


2 thoughts on “The bright Spots

  1. Poor little Crankenstein. Hope he feels better soon and that you get some rest soon. Are you a teacher? I used to be and remember feeling like it was easier to go to work than to make a lesson plan for a sub.

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