Doesn’t it just figure

So hubby and I decided to try the budget thing again… well okay I decided to tell hubby we’re going to get serious and try the budget thing again. We’re doing the envelopes and I think I’ve got a decent budget figured out. I know I budgeted high for some things – but last time we tried this I didn’t budget enough (apparently I thought I was super couponer and could feed a family of 3 including a LARGE dog and cat and diaper a toddler for a month on $150 – so didn’t happen!) and I got discouraged and said to heck with it. Plus last time we went ahead and kept paying for everything with our debit cards and so I wasn’t really being careful at whether we stuck to the budget. So here we are kicking off September with a new plan.

Of course as usual when you come up with a plan life has to throw a few rocks in the path – just to see what you do. Our first rock was that this weekend we had planned to travel north to visit hubby’s family – which means a hotel and some restaraunts- there’s no room for us at the inlaws house (Thank goodness!) and my mil only cooks breakfast. (Did I mention that their bizarre!) Okay so that translates to super cheap motel – we’re talking bare bones minimum – but it seems to be clean – and a lot of snacks packed for WeeMan.

Our next larger rock came in the way of our handyman that built our deck last summer. He showed up FINALLY to do a job remortaring the base of the house – that he and hubby had talked about two months ago and we had pretty much given up on. He just showed up while we were at work and started doing it. Apparently their family really needs some money. He’s got a large family – so he figured he knew we would pay him for his work. Unfortunately – he had never actually quoted hubby what it would cost until today after the work was already started and it’s higher than we can afford right now. I think he’s planning to work all weekend in the thought that we would pay him Monday. So hubby told him we’ll only be able to give him half when he finishes this week b/c we weren’t expecting this in our budget. (Am I wrong or is that a little presumptious to show up and start work unexpectedly on a project you had discussed but never finalized a couple of months ago? I think it’s a little bizarre… but I feel bad about his family. I know they need the money. )

Oh well rocks or no rocks we’re doing this budget thing. We just may have sore feet and a grumbly hubby at the end of the month!

In other news we had a huge bright spot this week. Dr B’s office called and they said I will be able to do another round of IVF without surgery. Hoooray!! We’re going to keep praying and let God guide us, but we may be moving forward as early as October or November. Another reason the budget is a MUST.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday with pics of our weekend getaway.


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