Surviving Saturday

One day down with the inlaws – one more to go. Actually it hasn’t been as bad as expected. We were up bright and early this morning. WeeMan couldn’t sleep past 7 am I guess. We breakfasted at Bob Evans and then were off the to the Renaissance Faire. We got there right as it opened. Beastie dog did really well – we were nervous b/c we had never tried to take him anywhere like this before. He did really well in the morning but by lunch time the crowds had grown and everyone was getting tired and cranky. We did surprisingly well as far as not spending money. Hubby bought a couple of inexpensive dragon things with his “allowance” and he bought WeeMan a wooden sword. (Which WeeMan put to use beating the car windows with when we left) I found a blouse to wear next weekend with my hoop skirt for our schools 1861 day and I bought a pickle with my allowance. We did find a couple of things for my mil’s b-day which was in July – and I didn’t know and hubby forgot. (Yep we were in the doghouse for that… but of course no one ever mentioned to hubby that we were until this weekend) Anyways once we left we headed to the inlaws for chili for lunch. WeeMan and his cousin Ana – she’ll be 3 this month – really seemed to have a good time playing.

We were also able to visit a couple of hubby’s other aunts and uncles. A, my old bff and college roomie, and her hubby B, my hubby’s cousin, are up here with B’s parents. They live on a lake and are apparently having a to do tomorrow – but we are not attending. (In 2009 the Memorial Day to do turned into a fiasco which ended with hubby’s family seriously mad at us – when actually the problem stemmed from A reading and sharing my blog and some other things that had been done and said by them. ) So anyways we are declining the invite. We’ve forgiven – but not forgotten the way hubby and I were treated. Plus there’s the hurt I feel toward A right now with the whole IVF and possible surgery thing – that she has still not asked me about. (She was my bff through the first round and knows I had no problem with telling her everything – so she can’t use that as an excuse.) Anyways……..

Hubby is at some game shop perusing cards for the Magic deck he has built. (yes – my hubby is a dork) Beastie and I are chilling on the bed watching cable and WeeMan is in his peapod sawing logs. Fingers are crossed that tomorrow I can hit a GW before we head back home to Indiana. Hubby needs some new used jeans and I need some storage containers for the kitchen.

Hope your enjoying the weekend!


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