Mini Free Laundry Room Redo

This morning this is what my Laundry Closet/ Dungeon looked like. This is how it has looked for the past 6 years. (only sometimes worse) It has been our drop everything junk place. We’d simply close the curtains and hope no one opened them. Well I’d had enough. I was tired of being embarrassed by my dreary dungeon stacked full of junk. Something had to change.

So after work I sent WeeMan out to play with daddy and I started filling the first of several trash bags. This is the finished project. (Or the almost finished project. I’ve still got some things to do.) The green cabinet is actually on it’s side. I need to remove the feet. You can see them sticking out the bottom. It has been shoved in a closet filled with random junk since last winter. Now it is a home for some extra candles, the iron, and some small cleaner type things. On top is a large basket filled with the remainder of the last bottle of Tide I bought several months ago on sale with a coupon, my fabric sofetener sheets, ball, and actual softener. (I like to use different things for different loads) Also on top of the cabinet are my Tide stain pouches in a Ball jar. (They work wonders on stains!) The big jar is my homemade laundry detergent. The basket hanging to the side houses hubby and WeeMan’s hats.

A shot of the whole thing. No more golf clubs crammed in the corner. No more random junk staked everywhere. On top of the dryer is our change jar. A basket with stain sticks, and jars for pins, and buttons. An old galvanized pail from a garage sale that is now acting as our trash can.

Close up of my laundry detergent. So easy to make. We made our first batch back in May and just now had to make some more. It only takes 1 tbsp per load. Saves a ton of money and it works well. The smaller jar is housing my Rocking Green for WeeMan’s cloth diaper soaks.

A better shot of the top of the washer. Everything I used for this redo, were things I had at home. So it was free. I’d still like to paint but that’s someday down the road. I am also planning to make new curtains for the door with burlap. I just bought a ton on ebay for $15. I’m thinking I need a table runner too and some pillows for the new sofa. We’ll see.


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