Random Thursdayness

Today was a good day. I didn’t have any parent issues at work and my principal completely understood why I was irritated with the situation he put me in yesterday and worked it out for me. Hooray. Plus there’s the added bonus that tomorrow is Friday, Sept 10, 1861.

Have I lost my mind – you might be wondering? Nope. Our school is doing an 1861 living history day tomorrow to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Abraham Lincoln being elected president. (Our school is named for Lincoln) I’m such a geek I’m really excited about dressing up. I bought a hoop and a skirt on ebay a while back – found a blouse last weekend at the Ren Faire. (Yes I know it’s completely geeky that I still love to play dress up – why do you think Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. It had nothing to do with the candy – I just needed an excuse to dress up!) I’ll get someone to take a picture of me tomorrow – I’m actually trying to come up with excuses to wear it again. Our town has a pioneer festival in a couple of weekends. I think I may have to break it out for wearing to the festival!

No big plans for the weekend. Tomorrow night is homemade pizza night. I think one of my friends and her daughter are coming over while her hubby is at play practice. My hubby is probably going to the shop to play cards. It will be good for him to get out and that way Mandy and I can put a chick flick in the dvd while the kiddos play together. Hubby’s UAW picnic is Saturday. I’m looking forward to free yummy food, free snow cones, a free beer, and free rides for WeeMan. They always have pony rides and some smaller carnival rides like a merry go round and a bounce house. I think he’s old enough this year to actually enjoy the picnic. Saturday night is our small group meeting. I just finished reading chapter 3 of “One Million Arrows” Now I need to make sure I’ve got discussion questions figured out. I’ll probably try to do some baking either tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon so we have yummies for small group. Of course Sunday we’ll be at church. We missed the last two Sundays what with WeeMan being so sick the first weekend and us going to Michigan last weekend. It will feel good to be back. Garage salen doesn’t look promising. I drove by a couple on my way home tonight and they didn’t even look worth stopping. There were maybe half a dozen in the paper. Guess it’s about time to say goodbye to the garage sale season for another year.

Like I said in the title pure randomness tonight.


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