1861 Day

Friday was 1861 day at our school. I think it was quite a success. There were about 18 different speakers and activities for the kiddos to rotate through. The best by far were the Company Singers, a local group of men who dress in civil war uniforms and entertain with songs from that era, and the man who was there to speak about the telegraph. He talked to the kids about the use of the telegraph during the Civil War, but he also had all these interesting facts that just grabbed the kids attention. I think they could have sat and listened to him for hours. For example – did you know there is a picture of an army camp that General Grant appears in in three different locations – because he was moving through out the camp talking to various groups of men while the film was being exposed. It’s called a ghost picture. Did you know that one of the confederate troups actually had a 5000 man snowball fight when they were encamped in Virginia – many of the men from the deep south had never seen snow – the fight had to be stopped when the snow began melting and the snowball fight turned into rock throwing and charging each other which resulted in too many injuries.
The cannon was fired several times throughout the day.

The Company Singers

The day was wrapped up with several of our fifth grade boys participating in an old fashioned baseball game.

Me in my hoop

It was an interesting, entertaining day. Just wish my dad were still around. He was a Civil War buff and would have loved to have participated in the day and I might have been able to surprise him with some of the trivia we learned.

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