Weekend Wrap

Another adventurous weekend in our house. Friday night 10:00 hubby was at the local card/ game store (otherwise affectionately known as the dork shop) hanging out and playing cards, I was watching my dvr of “Project Runway” and WeeMan was tucked all snug as a bug in his bed, when I heard him wake coughing. Then the coughing turned to gasping and wheezing and I panicked. I called hubby’s cell and told him to get home while I was running up the stairs to WeeMan’s room. WeeMan was in a panic also. He sounded terrible. Just kept coughing and then he would gasp and wheeze. I debated calling 911, but since he was breathing and I knew that it would take longer for an ambulance to get to our house then it would take for me to drive to the hospital, I did not. By the time WeeMan and I made it down the stairs and I threw on some pants one handed – my other hand was holding a crying WeeMan- daddy was home. We quickly drove to the er and were seen right away. Of course by the time we arrived his breathing sounded easier and the coughing had mostly stopped. He was still shown back right away – we must have looked quite a state. After a quick listen by the doctor it was decided that he had the croup. So he was given a breathing treatment and a dose of steroids with ibuprofin. (steroids at 10:30 = no more bed until almost 2 am) He’s feeling much better and actually sounded 100% better by Saturday. Scared mommy half to death thought.

Since WeeMan was sick our weekend plans changed quite a bit. We had to miss the birthday party and the dinner we were invited to. WeeMan is apparenly contagious to other little people. Instead we hung out at home and did things around the house – which was nice. We did venture out yesterday evening to the park to see the Traveling Wall exhibit. Then hubby and I cuddled on the couch after WeeMan was tucked in bed and watched a movie.

I was able to hit some sales Saturday morning while Hubby watched WeeMan. I found a few goodies – Tupperware storage containers ( terrific find – I’ve been wanting to organize the pantry better), a board gane, and my favorite find a nice large mission style desk for crafting.

Speaking of crafting I need to take a pic of my burlap curtains I made on Thursday for the kitchen. I think they look terrific. Hubbs thinks they look like potato sacks!


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