This weekend I was reminded of my blessings in an unexpected way. Neither hubby nor I could miss church – Hubby was on lights and I was supposed to be teaching in the upper elementary classroom. That meant no one could stay home with WeeMan – so it was decided that we would go to church and he would come to class with me. After all the doctor in the er said he was contagious to littles between the ages of 0 and 5. We decided to take the kids in for worship which meant WeeMan went with us. He was such a big boy he stayed right by my leg during the first two songs which were quieter – then the drums came in as the music switched to praise music and it started in his little feet – he just had to stomp with those drums, then he was clapping with all the people around us and then my little WeeMan was busting a move running in circles and shaking it and clapping to the praise songs. It was one of those moments I wish desperately I had had the video camera for. But even without the camera it was one of those precious moments in time that will live in my heart for always – watching my precious WeeMan worship and praise God with his whole little body – completely uninhibited – not caring who was watching. When do we lose that simple joy? How do I nuture and protect that spirit in my WeeMan?

As the week unfolds in front of me, no matter what lies ahead – I will know that God has blessed me.


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