Decision Made

Decision made and I feel pretty good about it, but a little sad. We will be waiting until January to try IVF. Hopefully we will be able to start the Lupron and birth control in December and then be ready for IVF early middle of January.

I know this will be the best choice for our family in many ways. I know that if we pressed forward and tried in November and it didn’t work, well that would be devestating heart breaking news to deal with at Christmas – especially since my ex friend is due right around the time we would take a test. I know that there will be less stress in January – the kids get awful squirrelly at school right before Christmas. Plus I know that we will have more months with our budget under our belt and that gives me more time to lose weight. (I walked again tonight – Go Me!) I was pretty sure I knew what we needed to do last night, but today I called one of my Best Friends who has been in the same place and knows what all this is like and she said to me, “You know what’s two months to us? We’ve already waited and tried and prayed so long – it’s only two extra months to wait.” So true.

Of course even though I know that’s true and I know all the reasons for waiting…. well, my heart still hurts a little. But I feel like this is the right choice for us right now- I think it’s what God is pushing us toward. Patience.


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