Fall Days

Fall has arrived in Indiana – finally. Last night was the first night with a threat for frost – I found myself in my garden in the dark of night in my sleep shorts covering tomato and pepper plants with sheets in the hopes of saving them for a little longer – there are so many tomatoes still on the vine – I have hopes still of freezing some salsa and enjoying a few more slices on burgers fresh from the grill. Tonight we are again under a frost advisory, but I found out before putting on my jammies so at least I was warmer while covering my precious plants.

We are recovering from a fantastic weekend. A weekend – I am ashamed to say I dreaded… but ended up enjoying immensely. We went down to southern Indiana on Friday night to stay with my sister and her hubby (aka the jerk) They have just moved into an old new house and were planning to have my nieces second birthday on Saturday. I cleaned out closets in search of extra curtains, candles, picture frames, rugs, shower curtains…. all the things that make a house a home and we loaded the car down before taking off on Friday. The home they have moved into is a fantastic old farm house that has been used hard. They’ve done a lot of work before moving in… but there is still plenty more to do. While the hubby’s struggled to find something to visit about and finally settled on watching stupid funny movies, and the babies ran amuck, I tried to help Carrie take the things she had and the things I had and turn their empty house into more of a home. (Their previous house was MUCH smaller) I love decorating and repurposing things… but the best part of the weekend was actually just getting to spend time with my sister and watch the babies play.

Unfortunately the arrival of fall has heralded another sore throat for my poor little Weeman. If he is still running a fever tomorrow, we’re off to the doctor again. I just wish we could keep him from getting these… poor baby was crying for an ice cube at dinner tonight. I know he’s hurting… and I hate that I can’t help him. I’ve already got a sub lined up for tomorrow, just in case and my sub plans all typed up. I always get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I have to miss work. I know that my class doesn’t handle subs well, but I don’t have a choice. I need to be home with my sick baby.

Fall also continues to see us trying to stick to our budget. I think we do a decent job of setting out and spending only the alotted money on bills we know we have and extra spending money. The disappointing thing is we can’t really get ahead b/c it seems like every month there’s a surprise bill we didn’t anticipate. I’ve found myself being much more careful as I plan the menu for the week and as I look at leftovers. I’ve begun to freeze a lot of our leftovers so that we can pull them out for lunches in the weeks to come. Hubby is not a fan of leftovers – at least not when they’re close together… but if I can spread them out, he doesn’t mind. It definitely has lead to less food waste. Fall also finds me itching to bake, I’m just trying to find the time. It seems like there’s never enough time in the day.

Speaking of time I hear my bed calling. Who knows if WeeMan will make it through the entire night. Better get my rest while I can.


One thought on “Fall Days

  1. Aw, I hope your little guy is feeling better! It is so hard to see them sick, isn't it…TOTALLY understand about leftovers! My Hubby is not a fan, but I have definitely found that freezing them works! Especially with things like lasagna, enchiladas, stews or other one dish casseroles. It made the biggest difference. I can pull them out a week or two later and he never complains. SCORE!

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