Wheeling and Dealing the Cable Company

We’ve got a new cable company in town. They offer a triple play package slightly better than the one we have from our current company for over $40 less than what we pay a month. I decided to take matters into my own hands – after all we’re living on a budget. So I called our current company today and told them I had some questions about disconnecting our cable. Of course they were surprised and concerned. They asked why and I explained about the new company, the budget, and the price. Immediately the lady I was talking to asked if I had some time for her to work the numbers and see if I was getting the best deal possible from them. Her first offer had more channels and stuff and was $2 less than what we pay now. I thought seriously waste of time here and reiterated that the other company was $40 less. She worked some more numbers – came back with more stuff and said $6 less than our current bill. Hmmmm still not biting. I told her I hated to switch – such a hassle but times are tight. She transferred me to the customer loyalty department. After a lengthy wait – apparently she filled the helpful phone operator in on previous deals she had offered me – what cable company b was offering and my budget. He knew the details when he came on – so I didn’t have to go through the spiel again. He also had another deal for me – this one was more in the ball park at $30 less a month – keeping all our current ammenities. Hmmmmm closer – but $20 is $20. I told them I would talk to my hubby but I just wasn’t sure. He told me he wanted to work the numbers one more time. This time when he came back on the new total was $5 less then the new company. Oh yeah – I stuck it out and it paid off. Unfortunately the system was down so he couldn’t make the updates right then and there. I will be checking our account tomorrow and if it’s not updated I WILL be calling them back and this time maybe I’ll have some premium movie channels to show for it when I get done.

The only irritating thing is why don’t they just give you their best price from the get go – seriously $2 difference for the first offer. Are they insane? However I honestly do appreciate their willingness to work with me today and they were all very kind and helpful. So here’s a shout out thank you to Tyrone and Jolene from today. I do appreciate you.


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