The Week Ahead

I’m bone tired today. I spent the afternoon cleaning out my flowerbeds for winter and raking leaves in the backyard. It was the perfect way to get my mind off of things. Church this morning was a little rough. Not the service or the message – it was seeing my once upon a time – now VERY pregnant ex friend. I know it sounds and seems childish – but seeing her so pregnant was like a kick to my stomach. The first glance took my breath away with a stab of hurt. I don’t know maybe I had let myself forget or shelve away the fact that she really is pregnant. I’ve been around others who are pregnant and it doesn’t hit as hard or hurt as much. I think part of the pain is from knowing that they mostly decided to do this b/c we were trying to have another and the other painful jabs come from missing her and knowing that she is so involved in herself that she hasn’t even realized I’m gone or that I’m hurting. She’s the one who used to be my best friend that never even asked about the test back in August or anything else. The most she has said to us about babies is we better hurry up and get pregnant so we can do this together – multiple times. (OUCH!) Okay enough pity party.

This week should go fast. I only really have three days to lesson plan for. Monday through Wednesday and Tuesday is another early dismissal for conferences. Thursday is our trip to Conner Prairie and Friday is Fall vacation. Woohoo!! This is going to be a rough week as far as meals go. It will be tempting to eat out a lot this week b/c we have so much going on. My menu plan is

Monday – leftover chili
Tuesday – sandwiches
Wednesday – Chicken in Dumplings in the crockpot
Thursday – Chili dogs
Friday – out or pizza
Saturday – Baked ham (the in laws are coming up)

Hopefully everything is simple enough that we can manage to be good.

I’m still fanatically checking Craigslist for here and for where I have friends and family in the hopes of finding a kitchenaid stand mixer. A girl can dream right?


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