Glorious Fall – our Conner Prairie Visit

We’ve been busying enjoying all the beautiful weather and doing all the fall things we love to do. Last weekend WeeMan and I drove to visit one of my best friends from high school. She lives in Brookston near Lafayette. It was about an hour and a half drive and it was beautiful. WeeMan had a terrific time on the way there watching for trucks and trains and singing “Old MacDonald” He’s got the E-I-E-I-O down , sort of.

WeeMan and my friend Carla’s kiddos enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend.

Here they are checking out the pumpkin man. WeeMan was pointing out all the bugs.

Yesterday was our big study trip to Conner Prairie. It was a perfect day for the trip. Sunny and cool. You could just smell the fall in the air. I wish I could live in one of the houses in Conner Prairie. Most of the exhibits are set in 1836. I’d be happy living back then if I could live there.

Maybe this could be my house, although I’d like to have a nice big wrap around porch. That way I could enjoy all the views!

When I get my house in the country I’d like to have one or two of these. Isn’t that baby adorable?

I definitely would have a few of these. Can’t have just one, he’d get lonely.

I’d definitely need several of these. I wish I could have slipped one in my purse for my weeman to wrassle around in the mud with.

I’d have a rustic falling down fence somewhere – just like this one.

Can’t decide which view I’d rather have. Maybe I could have every one of them.
Doesn’t this view just speak to you? It seems so lonely and sad, but beautiful.

I’d like to sit out here every morning and drink my cup of tea and ponder the greatness and the beauty.

I’d like to have this view every evening. I’d sit out here and sip a glass of wine and watch for deer.

Cooking on one of these would be a challenge. Definitely makes me grateful for the conveniences we have!

Maybe if I can’t find my Kitchenaid mixer a few of these would work. They’d be the perfect size for making bread.

Gorgeous fall color in the beautiful autumn weather.

Anybody want to move to Conner Prairie with me?
In other news the inlaws are coming tomorrow. So I spent the day cleaning like a fiend. I’ve got applesauce cooking in the crockpot – or I hope it will be applesauce. I bought half a bushel of apples at the orchard today – turns out that’s a lot of apples. I’ll be making another batch tomorrow. I made blueberry muffins today too. Just call me June Cleaver. Good news on the Kitchenaid front – the craigslist poster still has hers. I’m off tomorrow afternoon to take a look at it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Fingers are crossed!


2 thoughts on “Glorious Fall – our Conner Prairie Visit

  1. Good for me to see these pics. In the spring, I'll be coming down to Conner Prairie on a field trip with my 4th grader. We usually go to Sauder Village in Ohio, but this year they are changing. LOVE your new background!

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