The Slump

WeeMan has a book called “The Pout Pout Fish” and it’s one of his favorite books to read. He wants it read to him over and over. The story is about a fish that pouts all the time. He tells all the other fish “He’s a pout pout fish with a pout pout face. I spread the gloomy woomies all over the place. Blub, blub, blub.” Then one day another fish comes around and instead of trying to give him reasons to stop pouting she “plants a kiss upon his pout and then she swims away” Then all of a sudden the pout pout fish realizes he was never a pout pout fish – he was a kiss kiss fish. His whole life changes in that moment and instead of gloomy woomies he’s spreading cheery cheeries with kisses.

Well I’ve been acting like that pout pout fish. It’s come to my attention in the last few days that I’ve let myself get mired down in a slump. You know the kind – the one that makes you want to stay home and hibernate away from people – but allows you to be hurt and upset when people don’t come around after awhile asking you how you’re doing. I think another word for it is a snit. I’ve been sitting around for the past month at least in a snit slump snit. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and hurt that no one seems to care that I’m feeling sorry for myself and hurt. Of course if someone asks me how I’m doing or what’s going on my answer is always “everything’s fine” I mean why would I want to air my dirty laundry and besides which my pouting certainly won’t put me in the best light. Well – I’ve decided I’ve had enough pouting and enough hibernating and enough being a gloomy gus. If I want to feel better I’m going to have to do it for myself.

So here’s my battle plan…. I’m joining a Wednesday night women’s group at the church. They are going to be reading and studying “Captivating” which I’ve read once before – actually when I was in a slump and it helped me find my way out. I need to be around people – besides my two year old and my hubby who just don’t get it. (Hubby does try – bless him )

The other big thing that needs to happen for me to dig my way out is to move on from the hurt I’ve been mired in with my used to be bestie. I need to pull myself out of this quicksand, forgive her, and move forward. Ha! Easier said than done, but I’m going to pray for the strength to do it. (And this time – well I’m really going to mean it)

Like I said hubby tries to get it. He’s trying to help too. We’ve made dinner plans with a couple we always have fun with for Friday night. I’m making pizza and we’re having the whole family over. I’m not trying to get so busy I forget, but I’m trying to find things to do that give me joy – reasons to stop pouting and move on.

So on this chilly Monday I’m remembering to count my blessings and to find the joy in life. No more pout pout fish from me. My goal this week is to spread cheery cheeries instead.


2 thoughts on “The Slump

  1. ohhh…I have been wanting to read that for a long time!! That sounds like the perfect solution for the slump! Fellowship and Jesus. ANd we have pout pout fish too:)

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