Fantastic Family Weekend

This weekend was a great weekend for the Livingston family. Friday night our friends Cathy and Cory and their kids Emma and Evan came over for homemade pizza. I found an amazing crust recipe – that I think we like better than any carry out pizza. Definitely a keeper. I’ll post it to my recipe blog a little later. The adults were able to get in a great visit while her kiddos – both older – had fun playing the Wii and entertaining WeeMan. They have a couple of amazing kids. Evan is 14 and seemed to love being around WeeMan. Emma who is 10 was the same way. I just hope our WeeMan grows up to be as good a kid as them.

Saturday started out a little iffy. Our plan was to go to the zoo for the Halloween activities, but Hubby found out Friday he had to work. Plus the sky was overcast and threatening rain all day. WeeMan and I slept in and then ventured out to one garage sale. (Gotta get my fix before the season ends) I found a cool little chair for WeeMan – kind of like a cross between a barstool and a highchair. Looks terrific at our table. I also got a ton of good children’s books – WeeMan will get some and the rest will be Christmas gifts for the nieces. I also got a gallon size bag of tubes of acrylic paint and a stencil book for monograms. Got some crafty plans up my sleeve. Luckily hubby made it home by noon – so we ate a quick bite of lunch and then headed to the zoo to meet our friends.

The zoo was crowded but not overly badly. WeeMan and their little girl had a great time visiting all the stations. Here’s a few shots from the day.

The three of us .

Cowgirl Jessie and the dragon

Yep that’s my WeeMan on top of the hay bales with the big kids. He seriously has no fear.

Hurry up with that sucker daddy!

Dragon hatching After the zoo we headed to the nicer north side of town to peruse a Goodwill – hubby needs some pants for work. We found him one pair. I found myself a pair of jeans, some long sleeve t-shirts, a pair of shoes, and a super cute purse. After our quick shopping expedition, we took WeeMan into the pet store next door to look at the puppies and bish and kill some time while we waited on Uncle Ryan. Then we wrapped up our day with dinner at BW3s with Uncle Ryan.

We wrapped up a fantastic weekend with another terrific day today. Naps in the afternoon. Then I made beef stroganoff for dinner and we had a family date night. Special dinner followed by watching “How to Train your Dragon” as a family. The perfect wrap up to a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Family Weekend

  1. Had fun catching up with your adorable family. Last visit I couldn't seem to get the comment form to work(?). What a cutie you have there! My kids would love to entertain him. Wish you were closer. Hope the knee has recovered and kids are better come Monday (tho they'll probably be on a sugar high)!hugs,Leslie

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