Reasons why I hate to miss work

Yeeterday I had a substitute in my classroom. I’m sure she was a very capable sub, but I HATE having subs. My kiddos fall apart when I have a sub. Yesterday was no exception. Yesterday was miserable. Most of the kids did not do any of the assigned work. They were too busy making paper airplanes, fighting in the cubbies, wandering around the room, passing notes, horseplaying in the bathroom, and visiting with each other to be expected to do any work. I have a class of 21 kids. One was absent yesterday out of the remaining 20 she left me 8 names that were good. Not even half. The first order of business today was to take away recess from the 12 who were not good. Then we began to check to see who had turned in their assignments. Out of the 8 that should have gone to recess – only one had all of her work done. Several of them tried to use the excuse that they didn’t know they had to finish and turn in the work. Hmmmmmm since that has been our class procedure all year – why do you suppose that it would have changed yesterday with a sub? Second order of business was the speech. I sent the 8 behaving kiddos out of the room to play a spelling game and proceeded to let the other 12 know how disappointed I was. I tried to make it clear to them, that I do not choose to stay home just because – that if I’m not here it’s because I can’t be. But how can I call in sick or stay at home with my little boy when I know they can’t behave for a substitue. These are the days that make me hate my job.


3 thoughts on “Reasons why I hate to miss work

  1. I'm with ya! Why do kids inherently know that when there is a sub anything goes? I was a sub before I got the job as a kindergarten aide, so I really have the kids behave when my kindergarten teacher is gone. I have them face the same consequences they would if the teacher was there. Sorry your day was a lot of makeup and bad feelings. Will you have fall break soon? Ours is the end of the week! yeah!

  2. I always hated to have a sub when I was in school because all the other kids wanted to run wild and I was the dorky kid that wanted to learn something. Thanks for your comment on my trick-or-treat post. Do they do trunk-or-treat at your church? That seems to be pretty big around here. There are two mega-churches within a few miles of here and they are each having their trunk thing tonight instead. Our neighbors always want us to go with them to the trunk thing and then I have to explain why I like good old regular trick-or-treating for my son instead.

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