We’ve had another good weekend so far.

Thusday I got all my hair cut off. I’ll have hubby take a picture tomorrow so I can post it. I like it – hubby’s not so sure about it.

Yesterday I rented “Nightmare on Elm Street” on ppv after tucking WeeMan in bed. Ended up watching it with my ex – bestie. Odd situation there – while hubby was at the dork shop playing cards with the guys. The movie was good – in some ways better than the original and in some ways not. (I’m a scary movie junkie – so it was right up my alley).

Today everybody slept in until 9. Then we ventured out to our diner for breakfast – followed by grocery shopping. After stopping at home to drop off the cold stuff we took WeeMan downtown for trick or treating at the local shops. Then home for a nap and a quick clean. We were supposed to have small group tonight but only two other couples could make it so we just visited for awhile. Then we took WeeMan and M trick or treating. (The other couple’s baby girl is only a couple of months so they headed home.) WeeMan was stinking cute in his costume. He even said trick or treat a few times and said thank you at almost every house.

Hopefully I can get some pics up tomorrow.


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  1. Rick rented it also I just can't do a freddie movie with out the original freddie! He said it followed along the line of the original movie. So not for me, but he thought is was just good too. Hope the chili in the crockpot was good 🙂

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