Back Among the Living

Monday was ROUGH. WeeMan decided at 11:00 Sunday night that he was done sleeping. We tried everything we could think of – we put him in bed with us, I laid on the floor in his room, we rubbed his back, we rocked, we put him in his peapod with a movie – nothing doing. So although I had not yet been to bed he and I ventured down to the living room where I lay on the couch in a state of half wakefulness and half sleep and he played cars and watched Nick JR. He absolutely screamed and became hysterical everytime I tried to put him to bed. He apparently thought the three hours between 8 and 11 was plenty. He finally fell back to sleep around 5 am. Just in time for me to get in the shower and get ready for work. So that meant mommy went to work on NO sleep Monday. Ugh. Luckily, my kids were very caring and took it easy on me that day. (I did tell them how I hadn’t been able to sleep and it would be very easy for me to become grumpy. Not a threat – more like a word of advice.)

So after a rough day Monday, hubby watched WeeMan for me when we got home and I was able to sneak in a much needed nap. Plus dinner was super easy – leftover chili I had frozen a couple of weeks ago and then tossed in the crockpot. Hubby and my crockpot were definitely sanity savers Monday.

Last night WeeMan slept through most of the night. He did wake up fussing a bit a couple of times, but was able to go back to sleep. We’ve decided he’s developed a fear of the dark for some reason. He’s never had a night light in his room. We have a twilight turtle that we turn on when we tuck him in, but it only stays on 45 minutes. So tonight we’ve put a blue bulb in his lamp. Can’t really have a traditional night light b/c he only has one outlet in his room and it’s behind a shelf. So far so good knock on wood. We’ll see how the rest of the night goes.

Fall seems to have finally arrived to stay. No more of those crazy 80 degree days in the near forecast. I ushered it in Sunday after church by cleaning out the basement. We had been stockpiling things when we cleaned out our closets. My plan was to have a big garage sale… but it didn’t happen this year and it was quite a mess. So we carefully sorted through everything and kept only the baby stuff (that seems to be the real money maker up here when it comes to garage sales) everything else was carted off to Goodwill – two cars full. Now our basement is organized!! I even managed to organize my extra pantry shelves. I feel a lot better knowing what we’ve got stockpiled. Should be helpful when I go grocery shopping.

Speaking of stockpiled, I hit CVS today. They were running a special – buy $25 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and get “Toy Story 3” for $3.99 . (Perfect stocking stuffer for WeeMan) I had coupons for Charmin and Bounty. So I ended up with 2 – 20 packs of Charmin for $9.00 each and a 8 pack of Bounty for $6 – plus I had extra care bucks for $5. So I got everything for $25 – including “Toy Story 3” I thought that was a great deal. And the bonus is we’re now stocked up on TP and paper towel.

Hubby is off all next week – the factory is on shut down for a week – so I’m trying to put together a honey do list that won’t break the bank. (The only down side to him being off is that the week is without pay) Both bathrooms have been needing some care for awhile – I’m hoping the upstairs is a minor enough project he can handle it and some other little things while he’s off. We need to put in a tub surround upstairs – the paint is nasty around the tub since WeeMan loves to splash. We’ve also got some light fixtures we’ve been meaning to replace that we’ve bought the replacements for. Hopefully I can get him motivated on his week off.


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