Motivated Monday

So our weekend was FANTASTIC. Saturday morning I got on the scale – it had been a week at least since I had hopped on my archnemesis. (I’ve learned that it’s best for me to avoid the scale – b/c I can easily become obsessive about my weight. ) Surprise – surprise there was no bad news to deliver this time. Instead the powers of goodness had overcome and the evil entity reported that I had lost 4 pounds. Figuring that that wasn’t possible – after all I had been at a stand still for the last two months when I was trying to lose weight and I hadn’t even thought about losing weight this past week – I got on and off the scale 6 more times. When the results remained consistent I made hubby come get on the scale – thinking maybe the batteries were going dead or the scale was broken. But it wasn’t!! So in a week where I did absolutely nothing to lose weight I managed to skim four pounds off. WooHooo!! Imagine what would have happened if I had been trying. Today I’m back on the diet bandwagon. Isn’t it funny how losing some weight motivates us to work harder and gaining or staying the same makes us want to eat everything in sight. Nothing crazy I’m just trying to be concious of what I’m eating and trying to drink more water. (Blegh!) I was hoping to lose 15 pounds before our IVF and I had leveled off with only 3 pounds lost – after losing 15 of my baby weight. So I had kind of given up. Now I’m motivated and my 15 doesn’t seem like such an unreasonable goal.

Today I’ve been very good. No donuts or fast food. I had Special K for breakfast, a salad with turkey, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and a sprinkle of feta for lunch, and some seriously yummy rice cakes from Aldi’s. (I know I know yummy and rice cakes in the same sentence seems impossible. ) Any of you near an Aldi’s should check these out. They’re the Fit and Active cinnaswirl mini rice crisps – 90 calories and 3g of fat in a good size portion bag. Delish!!

In other weekend news we bought our Christmas present to each other. We had decided to buy a new tv at the black Friday sales, but we hit Walmart Saturday b/c they were having their big electronics sale this weekend. Hubby is thrilled – I’m honestly not sure what we needed a ginormous tv for – 42 inches. But I will confess it was nice to watch movies on Saturday and Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Motivated Monday

  1. I had to laugh at your getting on and off the scale numerous times. Been there and done that, but normally it's because I can't believe I GAINED weight. Have fun with the huge TV. I keep resisting getting one because it won't fit in my armoir, but hubby will win the battle eventually.

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