Sick Little Buddy – Again.

Yep – WeeMan is sick again. Poor little guy woke up Friday morning around 5 and threw up – he also had diarrhea – so he was covered in grossness. He didn’t have a temp – so I called the doctor’s office just to check in. I wanted to make sure I knew what to watch for for dehydration. Luckily, hubby was off enjoying one of his last few days of shutdown – so WeeMan stayed home with him. By the evening he seemed fine – he was eating and drinking and playing like normal. But sickness struck again around 5 this morning. He actually threw up twice this morning. At least the other is starting to become more solid. He was pretty tired most of the day, but we were able to keep him drinking. By this evening he had perked up again. I’m hoping we were dealing with a 24/ 48 hour bug that’s out of his system now. Poor little boy. I hate when he’s sick!
My brother braved our germ infested house and came down for his birthday today still. I made lasagna for dinner and put three extra lasagnas in the freezer. I figure I’ll send on back with Ryan and then the other two will come in handy for dinner or for other people. We even picked up a cake for him when we were out and about. (I know I should have made him one, but who has the time!)
I did get 8 loaves of Honey Wheat bread made on Thursday. I also found a delish recipe for Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon butter – which tastes like heaven on the bread. I’ll send a loaf back with my brother.
In other news our loan check came today and we got a check from the in laws. It’s for a couplethousand to help us with the ivf. This is the first time they’ve shown any approval or done anything to help us. Definitely a huge – fantastic surpric.


4 thoughts on “Sick Little Buddy – Again.

  1. Poor little Wee Man! I hope he's feeling better! Shame on you for telling about this wonderful cinnamon butter on TWO posts now and not sharing the recipe! Now that I'm drooling over the keyboard! 😉

  2. Are you going to post a recipe for the butter? That sounds yummy. Congrats too on the unexpected surprise of money. Why is it always such a surprise when God provides us with unexpected support? He LOVES us. Good luck on your IVF journey. Be thankful…Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and some days off school too! YEAH!

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