Time Flies……

Why is it that the closer the holiday season gets the faster the time goes?? Obviously I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off – not even finding time to blog. Honestly though with all the running around I can’t say that I’ve accomplished anything major either. Sigh!! I did spend some time decorating the front porch today. All that’s left to do out there are a few lights. I’ll leave all ladder climbing up to hubby though. Me and ladders don’t get along. Here’s some pics of my garage sale treasure – the old sink I adopted during the summer. Of course hubby and I don’t see eye to eye on whether it’s junk or treasure… but that’s nothing new. I think it turned out pretty good all decorated for Christmas.

Here’s what else has been going on in our humble abode. Beastie Dog is a bit of a photo hog lately. Thinks he needs to be in every single picture. Look at that grin!
WeeMan has taken to running around the house without pants. He’s also been caught trying to take them off in church, McDonald’s, and Walmart. How do you get a not quite two year old to leave his clothes on! The other day he came running into the kitchen stark naked – except for his fire hat yelling “Fire Truck! Woo Woo! Fire Truck!” Apparently he’s figured out how to get his diaper off too.
Thank goodness for Color Wondermarkers! He’s hooked on coloring right now. It’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about him coloring on anything he shouldn’t.

We’re gearing up for Thanksgiving this week. I’ve got to get the house cleaned and the food started. My mom and my brother are coming here on Thursday and then on Saturday, we’re going down home to my dad’s side of the family get together. I absolutely love this season – the time from Halloween through the New Year is my favorite time of year. I love the hustle and the bustle and the quiet moments of beauty that come to you during this time. But man – I miss my daddy right now. He’d be laughing hysterically over little man’s antics and encouraging his bullheadedness.

I need to wrap this up – b/c I seem to be rambling about this and that and not much of anything. I’ll leave you with this song. We’re watching the American Music Awards and Kid Rock just performed this song. The video behind him was scenes from my hubby’s home state of Michigan so they hit quite a chord with him. Hubby works in the auto industries and most of his family does too. He was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. But the lyrics hit close to home no matter where you live -I think.


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