A wonderful Holiday

Our family had a wonderful holiday weekend. The best part was simply having time to visit with friends and family (although the food and the Black Friday shopping were a close second) Here’s the rundown of our holiday

Thursday – my mom, my brother, and my Great Aunt June came up for dinner. WeeMan provided all the entertainment that was needed. We stuffed ourselves full of dressing, turkey, and pie. Then we visited and gossiped while the boys slept in the living room – I meant watched tv with their eyes closed in the living room.

Friday at 12:01 hubby and I headed out to Walmart. We bought my brother’s Christmas – two awesome tool sets for a heck of a deal and I ended up with a winter Cricut cartridge. (Maybe I’ll find time to scrapbook sometime soon) Home we came where hubby went to bed and I dozed on the couch for an hour and a half until it was time to head over to my friends house – so we could get to the Target sale before they opened. We shopped until 1 and the car was FULL. Seriously I had things packed around my feet. There was no more room!! We got some great deals though and I think most of my Christmas shopping is done. WoooHooo!

Saturday we went south for my Aunt’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. Hubby was so sweet – he took the video camera and interviewed some of my dad’s relatives about him. He wants to put together a video for WeeMan and our niece. Some of them really got to me – esp my aunt’s interview. Have I mentioned that I have the sweetest hubby in the world?? Completely his idea to do this and he came up with his interview questions too.

Sunday we rested at home. Then tried to do the laundry and were dismayed to realize the washer was BROKEN!! Murphy’s law at work again. After work today we ventured out to get a new washer. It was going to cost as much to fix the old one as it would to buy a new one – and the old one was pushing 10years old.

Today was back to work and the real world.


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