Great offer for all you mamas out there

Five Benefits of Baby Carriers

You’ve probably seen them around: baby carriers those swaths of fabric that wrap up baby and carry her, close and snug, right next to mom. It seems like every parent you pass on the street is wearing one! They’re recommended by experts for some very good reasons.

1. Baby carriers allow mom (or dad) and baby to bond. Who doesn’t love having baby so close?

2. Carriers are comfy for both parties. Doctors agree that wearing a baby in a baby carrier helps prevent back strain for mom and is safe, healthy, and natural for baby.

3. When baby is in a fabric carrier, mom can get things done. Like housework or getting in a walking workout.

4. Babies held in fabric carriers cry less often. When baby is well supported and close to mom or dad, she cries less. And that makes everyone happy.

5. Baby carriers make great shower gifts. And you can get one for free (a $48 value) from Seven Slings! See the special offer details below to find out more.

For a very limited time, Seven Slings is offering free baby carriers (a $48 value) at! All you do is pay for shipping.

1. Go to

2. Click on “Shop Now, and select any baby carrier you like. Be sure to go to the sizing page to get the correct size.

3. Once you have selected your size, you’ll automatically be directed to the “shopping bag.” Enter the promo code “babies” and we’ll deduct 100% of the cost of the carrier, all you do is pay for shipping!

Remember: that promo code is “babies” and you can use it more than once, just open a new browser window each time you do.


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