Only 14 Days Left

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week. Things are getting hectic with the holidays coming so fast. I honestly have come home most nights and crashed on the couch after dinner and putting WeeMan to bed. I’m soo looking forward to break. Only 7 school days left! I’ve got to get all of my grades in before break and have a stack of things to be graded – so it’s even crazier at work.

Here’s the short and sweet post about life
* I’ve finished most of my Christmas shopping – just found the last perfect gift for WeeMan this weekend. It’s a Craigslist find – an imaginarium train table with trains and tracks for $50. I almost passed it up b/c I was sure I could hear hubby saying “Where are we going to put that” But then when I told him about it 24 hours after seeing the listing – he instead was like “Are you insane? That would be perfect” So there was a lot of waiting and nailbiting on Friday and this morning I received word that it was still available. We’re off to pick it up when hubby gets home.

*Last weekend we went to One Night in Bethlehem for WeeMan – it’s like VBS rolled into one evening and all about the birth of Jesus. WeeMan is so sweet – ask him who the guy is in a picture of Santa and he say “some guy” but every time he sees a baby or a nativity he says, “Baby Jesa?” We also had a sitter on Saturday night and escaped for an hour or two to a Phil Keaggy concert at our church. AMAZING!

* Today has been semi lazy if laundry and groceries can be counted as lazy. Hubby had to work, but should be home soon. We’re heading to Marion tonight to see the lights with my mom and hopefully see Santa aka some guy

* WeeMan has been sick the last two Saturday/ Sundays which means mommy has been home with him b/c daddy had to do lights at church. I’m really praying we make it through this weekend healthy – mommy needs to be at church. I feel like Satan knows that and is trying to throw obstacles in our way.

* My semi friend had her baby. She was two weeks early. He was 9 lbs 15 oz though – so I can’t imagine if she hadn’t been early. He’s adorable and so sweet and chubby. I’m trying to be happy – but it’s bittersweet to sit in her house and listen to her complain about her marriage, how’s she’s going to cope with two under the age of 3, and hold that precious little boy. My heart longs for our journey to start again. Hopefully the bc pills will make me semi regular this month so that we can begin the new year with hope for another little miracle.

* With all the pregnant friends, and new little babies, and with the missing my dad – so many things are bittersweet this year. I know that God is aware that my heart aches some days. He seems to send me moments of joy on those days – the sudden bear hugs WeeMan likes to deliver with no rhyme or reason, the texts, calls, or emails of dear friends, and the laughter and hope of new friendships and the comfort we find with them.

So that’s life in a nutshell. I’ll try to post some pictures from the lights later this weekend. Hope you’re all having a beautiful joy filled weekend.


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